The fix for WoW Classic PvP: change the current Honor system to the pre-patch 2.0 Honor system

It is clear people in 2020 cannot handle the PvP system of the past. Actaully, what the real problem is, is that we have cross-realm BGs with the old PvP system. This is something that Blizzard is not going to reverse it seems. The only solution to this is the pre-patch Honor system, where you hand in your honor points for gear.

This can be tweaked to whatever the developers see fit, it can easily be made to be similar to the time required for rank 14, but the only change would be the lack of decay and the requirement of having to constantly play or losing ranking. One can spread their rank 14 grind out from the time span of 3 months to 2 years if they want to. The 3 months would = playing 20 hours a day, while 2 years you can do with like 2 hours a day. The point of this is that the time required is still the same as the usual rank 14 grind, but you just don’t have to do it all at once.

This will definitely open up battlegrounds to the masses, which will make the PuG to Premade ratio much more sane and how it should be, if we want Classic to survive. We have to remember that Classic is only alive as long as casuals are still playing day to day. One should not have to sacrifice their real lives in order to get mediocre gear, with no option in between. They also should not have to gather 10-15 other people just to play a BG for fun.

The current rank 14s have no basis to complain if this change ever went through, as they all pretty much did no PvP to get their rank 14. The only time there was true PvP was during the wPvP phase, which Blizzard sadly cut short by a long time… we would have been in the wPvP phase until today and the r14s would have been legitimate players who got their gear through real PvP effort.

Now, the rank 14s got their gear from PvE in AV premades, or AFK botting/acc sharing. There was never any real PvP or effort from them, so there is no basis to complain that it would become “easier” with this change. Also, this change still requires the same amount of time played anyways.

This is in my opinion the only valid solution to fix WoW and it would bring back MANY casual players and keep other players from quitting the game and turning it into a ghost town.

The time requirement if made properly will not let people get rank 14 gear for free, as it still requires minimum of 3 months of 20 hours a day /played (if implemented properly) so you would not see people with rank14 gear who are playing casually for at least a year. If they get it in 3 months (phase 4, possibly 5) then they would have got it even faster anyways with the current system, so there is absolutely no affect to the PvE progression if implemented properly and at this moment.

Developers, please consider this idea seriously as i think it will save Classic.

edit: I would like to add that the gear system would be progression based, so you are forced to but the blue boots+gloves first, then the chest, legs etc… all the way to the weapons at last once you have unlocked all the gear. Then for each weapon you would need to buy it separately with honor. This would really make it equal or even more time consuming than the current grind, but it would let it happen over time therefore being much MUCH better for the health of the players AND the game.


Wrong game, you want The Burning Crusade.



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I know this is part of BC, but cross-realm was also supposed to be in preparation for BC. Yet, the new honor system was still in Vanilla. This is why the current system does not work, it is Half “BC” half vanilla… you have to go either way for it to work.


but it was pre 2.0 ergo vanilla

I think the best option is to have the Rank 14 grind, but with no decay or competition from your faction.

I do enjoy progressive nature of the Rank 14 system, but it’s not without it’s flaws. So a simple fix would be that it’s just no longer toxic to it’s current playerbase, which would still retain the progressive, Vanilla nature of it.


nope just hide the av numbers simple what they said they would do and didnt.

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This would also be a good option too. Or just nerf the decay… 10% or 5% from 20%.


That would be ideal.

I agree 110% as a ranker, even though I put in a lot of time I would actually not mind this change at all. Maybe we can have it so you have to buy the gear one at a time in a progression… rank 10, mount, rank 12, rank 13 gear etc. That would make the most sense.


Yea good idea, a progression system for buying gear would make sense.


Totally agree. The reason of the original system was to compete with your faction and prove who was better each week. But that doesnt work these days since most ppl stack brackets. I think that the pre-patch Honor system would bring more a sense of competition than the old system that can be easily manipulated.


please comment and upvote to bring awareness


This is an annoyingly simple and elegant solution that would make a huge percentage of people happy.

A lot of people don’t mind grinding or think that a long, tough grind is OK for good rewards. Noone with any actual brain should insist that the grind must be condensed into 3 months of 20 hour days, sacrificing life quality for it.

Doing it over 6 months of 10 hour days, or 12 months of 5 hour days, or 2 years for 2.5 hour days or whatever comparable to current rank 14 amount of total hours is just…

… too sensible to live.


Thank you. Please developers listen to this idea, I know you guys are scared to change things because of a toxic group of loud people, but I have a feeling the majority would really enjoy this idea. Lets keep commenting and make this thread big, it could change their minds!


yes please!


How about a big nope burger, fries and a milkshake.

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why, what is exactly wrong with this system?


“Actaully, what the real problem is, is that we have cross-realm BGs with the old PvP system.”

Wow, someone else gets it too.


“Warts and all”. Deal with it.