"The First and the Last" Quest: Boosted Characters (TBCC)

Alliance Nathanos raid quest q chain (ID 6182) Works on a copied 60 character that hasn’t done the quest, but numerous people are saying that a boosted 58 character is not currently able to pick up the quest


I am currently having the same issue on my warrior on Faerlina. I have ran a script to see if I picked it up and did the first part but runs false.


My SO and a friend both have this issue. I have the quest. They cannot pick it up. It should begin at Highlord Bolvar. Questie and other addons are showing it for them. They can search and see it should be offered. I checked and her character shows Honored with Stormwind which I thought was the only requirement other than being level 56+ and hers is 60.


Same issue for me. The quest isn’t able to be picked up on a boosted toon.


Is there a fix for this? still having same issue

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Still not fixed by the looks. Can’t accept quest on boosted 58.

This still has yet you be fixed. I tried sharing it on a non boosted toon to a boosted toon and that does not work either.