The Find Battle system

(Creeks) #1

I’m not happy with the Find Battle function.
I am still consistently getting long queues, often 5minutes+, and the same few opponents, night after night.

I have tried queueing during the day, but without much difference.

Surely there are plenty of people queueing, but I don’t seem to be getting a wide range of opponents.

Is there some battlegroup system or mmr system that is limiting my opponents?
Because it is really making queueing tedious.

(Quintessence) #2

In 8.1 they implemented a system where players newer to the PVP Pet Battle scene would be more likely matched with other newer PVPers, so it’s possible there’s a hidden MMR system in place now.

I didn’t PVP a lot prior to 8.1, so I can’t compare, but everything I’ve heard about pet PVP post-8.1 sounds like an MMR is likely. Longer queues, smaller pool of opponents, etc. Just speculation though.

(Dyngdawng) #3

Some incintives would be good… like they do with dungeons, if they dont have enough people in queue then have a “call to pets” satchel, or a daily that rewards a satchel with stuff… anything…

(Fengar) #4

During pet battle week you can usually get good queue times and face different opponents each time, otherwise it’s usually as described.

(Thequixote) #5

More often than not I’ll get the same person 2 times in a row. ( At least the same pet line up )

I even wait a minute, re-queue wait a couple more minutes and bam, the same team I Just fought.

Which leads me to the conclusion the whole pet PvP system needs a major overhaul.

I’d like to see a rated PvP system where you play a best of three and you pick your pets one at a time. Get rid of some of the dumb luck rock paper scissors that current system has.

From there you could maybe do weekly bracket tournaments and maybe try out some 2v2 and 3v3 battling systems. Something to make it more engaging.

(Loncis) #6

Uh, how about “no”?

You fighting the same person twice in a row isn’t even cause to blink, much less overhaul the entire system.

(Thequixote) #7

It would be in addition to the current system. Would have to be in addition to not break a lot of the achievements which would be a lot harder if your picking pets one at a time in response to what your opponent picks.

And twice/three times in row happens constantly.
So either there’s is only couple people PvP battling most of the time or the system is completely borked.


For years lot of pet PvP people, especially the ones going for the rather silly 5,000 wins achievement, have consistently used the meta-of-the-month teams. It’s inevitable that something that was once challenging becomes a grind and you just want to get it over with, so not surprising looks like you’re facing same player over and over.

(Creeks) #9

these actually arent bad ideas, there is plenty of opportunity for blizz to develop the pvp pb systems

the glaring issue for me right now is the queue time.

(Thequixote) #10

I see it with week teams a lot as well. Working on the win 10 with 3 of the same pet family. Which is a total dice roll. Win quite a few by running into the same team and they just resign.

(Nzete) #11

It often seems that there aren’t that many people queuing. Even during the pet week, I can run into the same set of pets a 2-3 times in the “win 5”. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a super OP trio (likely not since I won with my “3 of a family” since I’m working on the achievements), and the pets didn’t have given names.

Current achievement progress is 10 undead, 4 critter, 2 elemental. Obviously, I’m not terribly motivated and started with the low bar.