The fall of Zalazane and The Rise of the Ruinous Powers (Rated M for Murder)

It was time for the student to best the teacher.

It had been years since his mother was taken from the shores of Durotar and brought to the Echo Isles. Hexbane was still within her womb at the time that she succumbed to the honeyed words of the Witch Doctor Zalazane.

His formative years spent there amongst the trolls of the echo isles, and it was there that he was introduced to the darker side of the elemental spirits, and the power that they held.

Taken under the wing of Zalazane himself and trained to call upon and command the natural spirits, as Hexbane grew older and more powerful he came to understand the base and simplistic nature of his tutor.

He wasn’t a troll to be feared, he was a troll that had found the limit of his power and was unwilling to push himself beyond his current limits. Was it fear of not being able to control the power he sought to wield that kept Zalazane back? Or perhaps the worry that a few steps further down the path of power and he would incur the wrath of the mainland in a way which he had not felt yet?

In the end.

It did not matter. All that mattered was that Zalazane held a position that he was not worthy of.

Having grown up amongst the Hexed and Voodoo tribes upon the isles, Hexbane persuaded them to play their drums, and as the powerful sound flowed through the jungles the truth settled into the very core of Zalazane.

Hexbane stalked his way through the flora with the stealth of the tigers he was periodically sent out to slay for their hides.

Witch Doctor verses Shaman…

Hexbane’s spirit and force of will wer stronger, and the last fateful blow of his spiked club was to the side of Zalazane’s neck…The sound of snapping bone and the crushing of the wind pipe greeting the shaman with the force of that strike.

The last thing Zalazane heard was the approving chuckle of his former student, and the last thing he saw was the pure emerald hue as Hexbane stared into the dulling eyes of his prey while reciting the ritual that would capture his teacher’s spirit.

Removing Zalazane’s head and boiling it within the cauldron to free it of tissue…Runes of power were etched into the skull and the Witch Doctors blood and vital organs were boiled into a dark brew.

Reciting words of power as the skull was dipped into the boiling remains of his teacher, Hexbane drank deeply of his former teacher and by consuming the flesh of his mentor he inturn absorbed Zalazane’s power.

The Ruinous Powers
Seeking Signatures for guild charter
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No griefing or camping
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