The dreams of an Azerite 2.0 system

(Nariala) #1

I’ve been mulling about with this thought for months now, since BFA started showing us the seemingly unfinished and counter intuitive replacement for our Legion artifacts, Azerite.

Or, How to fix Azerite. if you need a more clickbait thread name. Onward to the meat of this.

All traits on azerite gear would be unlocked and selectable. Treated as if all current Azerite reqs where met from the current system.

Heart of azeroth levels influenced the traits effectiveness.

For instance, we take 8.0’s average level and consider that the 75% mark for power from traits(100% of their current effectiveness ideally in the standard system). In turn we then gain an additional set % for however many levels we reach beyond that establish baseline from 8.0’s average.

I feel this would revert the Azerite apathy that people currently have in regards to engaging with the systems as a whole, while also allowing blizzard to create a positive reward loop for their new system.

This could lead to advantages for both hardcore and casual players:

  1. This system also means that the need for AK simply vanishes, you could easily just let the people who want to be on the bleeding edge of damage and potential keep grinding away at it.

  2. This removes the failure condition (higher item level but lower dps gear) that current azerite gear creates by restricting previously open traits from older gear due to the heart level requirements.

  3. Eases the burden of players who want to fully realize their class and its various specs by making the seemingly desired multiple sets solution far less stressful. In some cases allowing players to look at duplicate ilvl gear as a potential for alternative playstyles rather than garbage to be scrapped.

It seems clear to me that the developers have no plans to reinvent their wheel here for the systems, like putting the traits on the heart instead of the gear. So while there are far more amazing things you could do in the place of azerite, I wanted to humor thoughts on how to fix it.

If we can’t have a fully realized replacement system, the best choice is to simply try to improve what we currently have. So far, humble opinion here, it feels like most of the azerite system changes have been very reactionary to the backlash, and still don’t address most of the core issues with the system.

Legion was a wonderful expansion, too wonderful in regards to class functionality. It felt like at the end of 7.2 they finally realized what they could do with the game by allowing characters to be fully realized without much effort, but reward those that put in more effort with the stacking damage bonus for each artifact level they gained. Combined with the variance of legendary items (and the much needed acquisition vector they added) it felt like in some cases you could really play a different way and still contribute. It wasn’t perfect, but it felt better than what we currently have.

(Kvöthe) #2

I like it. I think the heart empowering the gear through raw power rather than activating it is a nice concept. It also makes the game more alt friendly.

(Yvaelle) #3

All traits on azerite gear would be unlocked and selectable.


Heart of azeroth levels influenced the traits effectiveness.

I like it, simple and effective and fixes many problems with the current system.

like putting the traits on the heart instead of the gear.

This is really what it should have been the whole time. An alternate PVE talent system similar to the PVP talents, all accessible through the Heart (for lore purposes).

It should have all the azerite traits in each wheel visible on the wheel (ex. instead of 2 or 3 traits in a wheel, have 10). They should all be at 3/3 strength so they feel impactful. There should be no activation cost for spinning your wheels to try out other traits - it should be encouraged. There should be no generic traits in the raid wheels, all raid wheels are spec unique traits only (more interesting, forces the devs to make them not suck, prevents the current issue where everyone stacks generic traits).

Each raid tier should add another wheel with even more traits.

(Nariala) #4

Also, I’d like to add. I find it strange that the Q&A with Ion Today seemed to imply that their plan is to have azerite be unfun till people cap out near the end of the expansion and then gear progression suddenly functions in a similar method to what I propose here.

Its like. What is the point of the gating mechanic exactly? You clearly know its causing people to not engage with azerite, you’ve got the metrics for this. But you’ve doubled down on the logic that “More time will solve the problems and then people will see the brilliance of this system that will need two whole content drops before it fully realizes itself”.

(Pantsless) #5

I like how in the Q&A he said “The team went forward with expansion specific systems that gave you abilities. This wasn’t as satisfying as the team had hoped.”… so they are doubling down on it, rather than Keeping It Simple, Stupid! (KISS!)

They need to simplify, abandon the complexity and use an existing system as a template. There is already a system in game that is similar to Azerite Traits… and is working PERFECTLY FINE. World PvP.

The Heart should just open to three primary ability slots, for class/spec specific abilites. Just like the Outer Ring traits.

Dump the inner rings, they were mostly fluff on survivability and secondary effects. Keeping focus on three main abilites will allow easier scaling.

The head, shoulder and chest… replace the existing armors with normal gear, with a bonus called “Unlock Broken Heart Fragment”. Where earning a “Broken Heart Fragment” permanently unlocks a trait from the list you haven’t earned yet. In later content, put the Broken Heart Fragments (trait unlocks) on achievements, reputations, or lootables.

The Unlock Traits could also have a rarity scale (uncommon, blue, epic, legendary). The formula behind the abilities like damage, heal, proc chance could scale with both this Rarity and Azerite level.

If say a trait only unlocks in raid from a Broken Heart fragment earned for the achievement of say killing the end raid boss. Common is LFR, uncommon is normal, rare is heroic, epic is mythic raid.

(Myronas) #6

I dont want a rental gear system at all. That is most of where the problems with class design are coming. It encourages lazy design choices and half measures and pushes the community to the point where we are now.

Bring back Wrath style glyphs, bring back reforging (hit cap was normalized so shut up), and give us actual class design that isnt some half thought out dumpster fire balanced around Randomized gear coming from end game activities that most people wont see due to the RNG and access.

(Nariala) #7

No Doubt.

My actual hoes of a system build upon that kind of idea would be have doing the content and progressing the HOA give you access to new talents and traits.

Imagine raiding and getting access to raiding traits. PVPing and getting access to the azerite PVP traits. Doing PVE content like exploring the world and being rewarded with various traits too.

There are so many avenues to improve the idea and create a way to engage with the world simultaneously. It hurts to see the devs take this weirdly “Its set in stone guys, just a side effect of our system which we, as developers can never change”