The Dragons of Nightmare Have Arrived!

From players.

The players didn’t bug the world boss spawns, nor did the players make the decision to allow people to keep loot from additional spawns.

Which suggests then that there should be no reason to not implement layering on queued realms asap.

They’re not quite the same thing.

In your opinion. You’ve been ardently against layering, so that isnt surprising.

Objectively speaking, they aren’t.

Or do you think accidents are the same as intentional actions?

Dragons spawning twice wasnt an accident. GMs chose to do so. Read the blue post.

“After fixing it, we decided that it was better to re-issue the command to make sure all locations got at least one dragon.”

The dragons didn’t spawn in all locations. Why don’t YOU read the blue post?

And spawned twice in others, because of blizzard’s decision. I’m not sure how this is confusing.

Don’t worry, once they turn layering back on everyone will get a shot at each dragon. Just like Vanilla. Oh wait…

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I got to see a world DARGON for the first time in classic, thanks blizzard for the announcement.

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It was an unintended side effect, not exactly a thing they purposely chose.

I mean technically, the right way may have been to bring ALL the servers down, and relaunch them to initialize the spawn routine.

And that would result in a lot unhappier of a mess than a few extra dragon tokens, but i am sure the people who waited an hour or more to log in to play would be fully understanding of being punted out, then waiting for the realms to come back up, and then waiting in line again.

In 3 hours 45 minutes

Whitemane: 6 Emeriss Spawns
3 Ysondre
3 Taerar
4 Lethon

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you did video some of this at least for youtube?

I mean come on, im stuck working, at least let me live it vicariously

Honestly, I’d rather allow some random guild acquire an extra boss, then spend 5+ hours in a queue.


But the policy Blizzard implemented was that world bosses and layers wouldn’t coexist. Before the world bosses dropped, layers were removed.

So wouldn’t a consistent policy be to uphold that?

Just one screw up after another, after another.

One of the only companies charging a premium service for their game- has the worst quality and customer service in the market.

Honestly, how can you get so much so wrong so often Blizz? And it’s not just this game.

Diablo 3’s failed launch.

HotS mismanagement leading to an active game becomes a ghost town.

Retail WoW… well, BfA, nuff said.

Thinking anyone would be excited at Blizzcon for Diablo Mobile: RMT Edition.

Supporting a dictatorship while silencing calls for freedom- ironically mirroring the theme of your hit Overwatch but putting you in the position of the villains.

Showing off improved cutscenes for WC3 Refunded, then not doing them because you’re too lazy to even put an effort into doing one of the biggest RTS games of all time justice- but of course, not too greedy to pass on a chance to make a fortune off it.

And the constant repeat of errors, and introduction of new exploits and bugs in Classic WoW, a game you did better 15 years ago.

This constant death spiral in quality and effort mixed with unconstrained greed has utterly ruined your image.

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you complain about unhappiness yet refuse to transfer from overpopulated server. like complaining about too many people in LA / NYC

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You are apparently blind, or illiterate.
Which is it?

What realm does the forum say i am from?
I will wait while you decipher the letters

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Yet here you are, swinging from the undergrowth hammock obsessed. Love you kids. You bash bash bash yet you sit on their forums all day. Mind boggling.

Had the second layer on Arugal get a set of new Green Dragons, one didn’t spawn once again.