The Dragons of Nightmare Have Arrived!

And they spawned again.

And again.

rofl - so so sloppy.

This is a known issue.

We had a bug on rollout that caused some locations to have no dragons. After fixing it, we decided that it was better to re-issue the command to make sure all locations got at least one dragon. The side-effect of this is: some locations will have a second dragon spawn after the first is killed, and the re-issue includes the randomization, so it could be the same dragon or it could be a different one.

For those locations, after the second dragon is killed, everything should return to the normal intended spawn behavior.



Can you guys spawn the Dragon of Layering?


They sure it is only 2?

Hit the ‘spawn’ button twice. Oops! Having tons of fun PvP tho!

I would like to check it out. However, i can’t log into my server now that the que is 2 hours + long. Some people have to work and don’t have 2 hours at night to log in. Why would i keep paying for a game i cannot play, cannot get any mats because the population is to high with no change in spawn rates compared to wow when it launched, and now i can’t get into the game so no ZG, no rep, no mats there either. Basically just screwed all around.

Bugged first-day spawns vs indefinitely mulitplying all boss spawns by the number of layers active.

If you think this is a problem, why would layering be acceptable?

I simply think policy should be consistent.

youd be suprised how low this company has fallen


I do, too, but it isn’t a “policy” to have a bug with the spawns. Even if you wanted the “policy” to be consistent, why would you want it consistently the wrong move?

They absolutely do.

wrong is subjective. I dont think allowing layering to exist alongside world bosses is wrong. You do.

try pointing blame at the right person

So, we should have layering because Blizzard had a bugged world boss launch?

No, we should have layering because queues on some realms are exceeding 6 hours. World bosses are simply a poor reason not to implement it.

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So you’re okay with people keeping the loot from the second spawn of each world boss?

Sure, as long as we stop pretending world bosses are a reason to not implement layering.

Then why complain when Kaivax said they’ll get to keep the loot? I know you’ve since deleted your post, but yeah… lol

Because on one hand, we hear “layers cant come back, muh world bosses! it would be exploited!”. Then on the other hand, world dragons spawn multiple times in a row by blizzard’s own doing, and the loot is retained.