The Doomstone quest is blocked (fix verified)

10-17-20 edit: This bug is fixed, and the quest can be completed, allowing progression toward related achievements.

The Doomstone quest is blocked

  1. In Thousand Needles, The Twilight Withering, get The Doomstone quest from Magatha Grimtotem
  2. Activate the Elemental Nullifier near the targeted Animus
  3. Attempt to fight Animus

The Elemental Nullifier does not trigger the quest encounter. Using the Nullifier briefly flashes the Elemental Nullifier power bar before disappearing. Animus appears to have a shadow FX applied before disappearing, and Animus returns to a non-combat state.

Notes: Bug seen in version 9.0.1 (36021) on 9-25-20, and reported in-game.
Attempted with a Horde character.
Restarting the client does not allow quest completion.
Abandoning and requiring the quest does not allow quest completion.
This blocks completion of the quest chain and related achievements.

Not fixed on version 9.0.1 (36074), 9-29-20.

That’s a pretty major bug. Can’t believe it hasn’t been squished.

Not fixed in version 9.0.1 (36321), 10-13-20.

(I’m pretty sure) This blocks completion for The Evil You Know… objective toward the Thousand Needles Quests achievement.

I’ll check this in Beta as well, when I can get there. I don’t have a Live character to verify this at the moment.

Still bugged on live servers after pre-patch. I submitted an ingame report.

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Yowch! That’s on live also? Thanks so much for checking and sending the report!

Still not fixed. Having the same issue while leveling an alt. R.I.P. that quest line.

This is now fixed by PTR version 9.0.1 (36272). The quest can now be completed.

It should also be fixed in Live per 10-16-20 hotfix notes (I will not be able to verify it there): Hotfixes -- Updated October 16

Glad to hear! I was finally able to get Loremaster of Kalimdor tonight. Thanks for the update :)

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