The Diocese of Gilneas Calls

The Diocese of Gilneas Calls

Hello! Melchiz here, after being inactive for several years I have returned, and wasn’t really planning on doing the Church RP in Gilneas again, but I came cross The Gilnean Concord and with the encouragement from their GM Zydrik, I decided to try it again under his guild’s umbrella. So, I am getting several facets of the Church in Gilneas underway and looking for folks interested in being a part of the Church group within the Concord.

Current Operations:


The Gilnean Diocese of the Church of the Holy Light is currently administered out of Mistbriar Island, a resettled Gilnean island off the northwest coast of the mainland, though they often operate out of Stormwind as well. A new site, Evenstar Abbey, is being built on Mistbriar, and temporary facilities have been set up in the meantime. An in-game proxy location for this abbey the Ambermill Townhall.

When Gilneas is retaken, the Diocesan Seat will return to Light’s Dawn Cathedral in Gilneas City.

Current Paths:


All priests are ordained and can perform all the standard rites and ceremonies. However, priests can additionally specialize in a variety of fields, including:

  • Scholars (Focused on study)
  • Healers (Focused on Light-based healing)
  • Preachers (Focused on preaching and teaching)
  • Inquisitors (Focused on countering dark magic threats)
  • Battle Clerics (Focused on supporting soldiers and paladins in battle)


Knights, generally working to support the Priesthood, can specialize in a variety of areas, including:

  • Paladins (Focused on service and combat, traveling to help those in need)
  • Templars (Focused on protecting churches, relics, and holy sites)
  • Lightwardens (Focused on assisting Inquisitors to counter dark magic threats)

If you are interested in being a part of any of these groups, check out our guild forum advertisement.


It’s wonderful to see the Gilnean church continue to grow!

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We’ve gotten a great start and have many solid people supporting this effort! Hope more want to join! The Gilnean Concord has been a great guild to have this project operating within!