<The Devils Knights> 10/10N 5/10H tue/thur

Mythic raiding guild which was formed in 2012 and now a group of old raiders and friends are rebuilding for Shadow Lands.

Our guild is a family and friendly guild most over 25 yrs of age, Laid -back mentality but still want to progress
in Mythic content. We ask you be polite with other guildmates and not be toxic in guild chat or raid. we ask you come
prepared for raid such as flask food and any upgrades needed bf pulls, if need anything feel free to always ask before coming
to raid. We expect everyone to be treated equal and fair in handing out loot or anything needed to help bring down a boss.

What we are looking for:

Old or new experienced Raiders always a plus but new and casual players are also welcomed since its a new content. all we ask is you fallow raid mechanics and do as asked from raid lead during raids. You are required to maintain
your gear up to date on gems and enchantments.

Raid times tue wed 7-10pm server 8-11pm est

Sat 7:00pm server
Sun 7:00pm server
in need of healers rsham hpaly or disc prist
ranged hunter mage sprist druid warlock
mele rogue rpaly dh dk

please feel free to contact me on battle tag id striker2087#1481

still looking for some dps ^

looking for tank

R u guys still looking for a hpally

Still looking for ret pally?

still looking for dps

still looking for rdps and healers

still looking for lock hunter boomy rogue and healers

still in need of ranged dps and a rdruid or hpaly