The Darkshore armor looks great, except for Leather

Plate, mail, and especially cloth look absolutely FANTASTIC! I’m impressed with those, but the leather… what happened? Sorry DH, monks, and fellow druids but I think we got screwed. But at least the DH get the moonglave to balance that out. Sigh, I guess we’ll hold out for heritage armor.

In the meantime I should probably lvl my hunter and priest. At least they can enjoy the new looks.

Am I just missing where it is in our Appearances tab? I can’t seem to find.

It’s not in the apperance tab. You just have to collect the apperances. I think you can also type i darkwood in tnr filter section and then just cycle through the gear tabs. Here’s the link.

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Oh just leave out rogue, we want ugly armor too.

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Funnily enough if it shows in your set tab when you collect a piece. You just cant can’t select it at all.

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Sorry, I forgot about the rouges. 4 blades got shafted. Even worse, the beat is clearly the odd one out of the new group. Something stupid happen in the design stage. Well at least the heritage armor is the same for everyone. Let hold our hope for that.

Im not sure how I feel about these staff either.

Oh I totally agree. The Darkshore Leather look is not impressive at all. However I LOVE the 7th Legion leather look. It’s awesome IMHO. I have two toons that wear leather and I have one with the not so hot Darkshore gear and the other with the super cool 7th Legion gear. :slight_smile:

I dont like the 7th Legion version either but it’s better than the darkshore one. I’m hoping that we get something better with the heroic warfronts coming out.

I’d expected the leather set to be way more revealing than it is. It looks VERY bland, the only piece that really looks it had some effor on is the shoes, and just the improved version.

If you compare to Horde’s leather the quality and effort put on the set is evidently bigger.

Also the Darkshore plate, although looking nice and plate-y… doesn’t read Night Elf at all. Since Maiev and the wardens are present in that warfront, I’d expected the plate to have at least some semblance to what she wears.

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I totally agree. The leather is just bland and it really doesn’t fot any of that classes who wear it. Also the other sets have different variationds of darkshore chest armor based on where it drops from, the leather is the same thing twice. It really does look like a lack of effort went into it.

I also agree with the plate. Its really nice but it doesn’t read elf. They got it right with the mail and cloth sets. The feather and moon details should have been used throughout the entire collection or better yet go back to class based armor and not this armor proficiency based crap. I’m tired of looking like a weird rouge. I hate all the armor from this expansion.

On another note I still have an issue with the moonglave only being for the demon hunters. I would like to see it on a warrior. But I guess it’s like a good news bad news situation. Bad news, it’s only for the dh and the good news is that the iconic weapon stays within the Night Elf community and not the other races.

Anyway I’m interested to see if the heroic warfront provides anything new.

Probably just recolors that weren’t used, sadly… not holding my hopes, but who knows!

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Honestly, you’re probably right. It’s just that I saw a picture of someone wearing armor that I didn’t recognize in the photo for the heroic warfront so Im holding out hope. As it is it will be forever until we get our heritage armor.