The Darkmoon FashDash Mogstume Event is LIVE on Area 52!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your gaming pleasure…

Area 52s’ finest fashion guild… Fashion Police Dept proudly presents…

:diamonds: Darkmoon FashDash :diamonds: [November 6th thru 12th]

Ever just feel like a mogstume event?


The Fashion Police Dept Community membership is required to participate in this, and all, mog & costume, racing, and game events! To join the, “Fashion Police Dept” community, simply go in-game, search for community under the same name as the guild, “Fashion Police Dept” and apply. Acceptance is automatic! Membership in the community also provides advance notice of events, winner announcements, toon import access (for game phase correction), mog chat, mog shares, critiques and all sorts of nonsense! (And yes there is a Discord!) !

This event starts and ends with the Darkmoon Faire!

There are specific rules pertaining to this mogstume event so be sure you have joined the community…then, top right corner of the community window you’ll see the Fashion Police Dept website address on the bulletin. Go to the site for complete rules, prize info, times, etc., should you wish to participate! (On the left side of the Home page at the website there’s an “FPD EVENTS” section. Click the link to, “Darkmoon FashDash” under, “EVENTS” for the complete “rule book” for this game!)


(All Grand Prize winners and purse amounts will be posted at the website throughout this event!)

Good luck everyone!

For more information about the Fashion Police Dept guild, please either go to the website, or contact Starwîsh (alt 0238) is the code for the î in her name)!


Lovin’ It!