The Darkmoon Faire Returns

The Darkmoon Faire Returns

Heed the call of the barkers—it's time to visit the greatest faire in Azeroth!

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Huh. I didn’t know this was a thing.


Do we have a Galaga or Donkey Kong Arcade machine in the faire?


no skee ball?


Let’s have a couple beers. Then play a round. Loser buys the next round.

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Any news on the new dungeon that was being made for Darkmoon? Or too early for info?

The HexSweeper is a killer. Literally. Not many arcade games that lay you out. Ouch

How about some Puyo Puyo?

No. But I’m hopeful. Or like a 10man raid. Haunted House let’s go!

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What’s the best dark moon faire rewards to use in open world? Things like the cannon to launch you.

A Darkmoon Faire dungeon? That sounds like fun.

Does Blizzard do fun anymore?

I’m kidding, Blizzard typically kills it with dungeons. That said, they added 1 new dungeon this entire expansion so… :man_shrugging:


I worked hard on the dance dance game. I just wish it had like a Trial of Style mode where we choose who danced the best, dressed, and just a social hang out

:ocean: :dragon::ocean: :dragon::ocean: :dragon:

I only wish for dailies to increase ticket rewards, getting one ticket per a quest is not very motivational to do daily activities.

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Who thought that was a good idea? I know you don’t get any equipment damage or res sickness or anything, but hell if I’m going to run back from halfway across the island every time I make a mistake.

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Is the DDR achievement bug fixed yet, where doing a harder difficulty rewarded no progress for the easier ones?

Has anyone seen the Sparklepony XL for sale? Can’t say I’ve seen it available from that vendor…