The Dark Animus as a Sunwell substitute

One of the big criticisms of the Blood Elf story is how their magical starvation problem was solved. The issue was solved far too quickly and it should have been solved solely by the Blood Elves.

I think it should have been similar to the Forsaken’s apothecary approach with small little stories spanning expansions until it reaches its explosive conclusion.

There could have been such an experience with the Reliquary and the Dark Animus. What I find most interesting is how the culture would differ based around the animus over what we currently have.


Well, yeah. We’ve have felt more like BLOOD Elves for one.

Instead of being what we are now, which is basically just High Elves that refuse to change their name back for some reason.

We lost all of our edge after the Sunwell was restored. We had this grand redemptive story arc, that was over in the same xpac that we were introduced in.

One of the main reasons I want San’layn to be playable. So we can get back what we lost, while letting people happy with the BEs new direction still be what they want.


The rename was in honor of the losses to Arthas. Why would they change it back? Was that undone?


I don’t think the dependency is entirely solved. The revived Sunwell sustains the Sin’dorei (and seemingly the Quel’dorei as well), but I’m under the impression that if something happens to the Sunwell both groups will suffer withdrawal again. The only reason I’m unsure is that I don’t know if the new Light energy in the well has changed that dynamic at all. It’s not the same situation as the Shal’dorei, who are truly free of their dependency now due to the Arcan’dor. It might be prudent for the Sin’dorei to research a similar solution for their mana dependency, if only as an emergency measure in case of something happening to the Sunwell again.


I definitely agree with this 100%! I want my blood elf edge back… and I to among with a lot of online and real life friends want San’layn to be playable for this reason… I guess we recover some of it with DH… but still… I have to agree with you…
I would have never pick Blood elves in BC if they were just another Perfect Tolkien elf of the soooooo many in the Fanstasy and RPGMMO races that mimic this concept out there…

Not every Horde or Alliance races need to be “misunderstood” or “honorbound” we can learn a bit about the Goblin culture in that remark… some races just join forces for survival and convenience… the problem is… this might lead to Blizz writing us to a genocide yet again. :rofl:
This is why I LOVE to HATE Nathanos… because he was so dislikable that he actually made the story more entertaining… I wanted to punch him so hard, but not kill him… (I didn’t like he being such a SIMP with Sylvy but hey nobody is perfect lol) But oh well, there goes another I guess… meh :man_shrugging:

I wish my green eye fel spell infuse (with the The Codex of Xerrath) loyalist Warlock would get a nice dialog with him before he died… like: “Of course its you, you betray the Horde now you come for me to keep face with them when its convenient, that’s why I like you. Fine lets put on a good show!”

Hmm with this new Lore we might get to explore this a bit more… I mean, if our Lifeforce is tied to Sunwell Arcane and Light, Arcan’dor Arcane and Nature, Void, Fel, etc…

  • Does this mean our soul is split when we die, one to each realm of power?
  • Where does this hunger of the elves comes from?
  • Do they have a afterlife paradise where Anveena Teague guard over their souls?
  • We even were briefly introduce to Necrotic energy when the Sun Well was defile to raise a Lich and we know many died… but what happened to does? Did they turn to undead after death or their souls were sent to Maldraxxus?

So many questions and opportunities to discover new lore, the possibilities, etc! I can’t wait! AAAahh! :exploding_head:


If there is a time skip I love just for kicks that Nightborn and Blood Elves get so Mingle following the leadership of Lor’themar and Thalyssra that we get a new City with both ascetics and allied race call: “BloodBorn”.
LOL I’m joking of course but it be really neat if something like this happened!


Silvermoon should be half blood elf (Naaru/arcane energy) and half nightbourne, (mana trees)

Light and Dark.

Whereas the void elves should be all about serving near the Nightelves and worgen.

Void portals, cloaked worgen packs and Night-elf druids and mages remake Bashal’aran into a mini well of eternity focused around the Tyrande-Elune character.

Ashenvale should be the druidic stronghold with treants, ancients, and mobile tree-towns with loads of Night-elf archers. Malfurion can go nuts in Ashenvale, Felwood and Hyjal making living trees and warlike druids to be as impregnable as possible.

The blood-elves and nightbourne should colonize Silvermoon hardcore.

Build like crazy. Go nuts. Make it where it can be unassailable. There must never be another Dead Scar.


I do wonder about it.

Kaelthas renamed the High Elves who followed him to Sindorei. But he was a traitor prince that needed to be put down. So we kept the name he gave us? I guess we liked the name, even if the jerk who gave it to us was fel sucking gutter trash.

That is true. We have the MoP blood stuff and Shadowlands anima stuff. I wouldn’t mind adding that to the “Horde High Elf” portfolio.


And this is the part I miss…
Example in BC: They don’t worship the light they just saw it as means to an end… just another energy source.
Also like Vandraeda pointed out we never solve the dependence problem… :roll_eyes:

This I wish was explore more… its a shame about the Void Elf going to Alliance because of this Light vs Void… but I wish we get to see their laboratories and experimentation areas too… like when they had the Naaru… now only the Void Elves are seen experimenting… I think?
Its been a while since I explore Silvermoon… hmmm maybe next time I log Ill check it out to confirm. :thinking:


The Blood is supposed to be metaphorical. It’s about loss and sacrifice.

“No, no, but what if ACTUAL BLOOD?” sounds like a fifth grader taking over the writing.


Stop… don’t tempt the Blizz writers… or they will add, just to troll us, a section where we see Blood elves actually sucking blood or now called Anima…to sate their dependency or experimenting with it! :sweat_smile:

Oh, wait we do have them… in the Darkfallen (San’layn)… ok, years too late, but don’t encourage them more! :rofl:

I’m joking but I just could not resist… Its a fantasy game, you can’t expect anything less or more than that? Come on! :joy:

Because eventually, you should get over it?

Arthas is dead. The Sunwell is restored. Silvermoon is rebuilt. Everything we were mourning and avenging was mourned and avenged.

Or are we just going to be NEs, still holding on to grudges 10k years later.

…why? There’s nothing wrong with Surumar.

Despite the name, there’s nothing actually dark about the Nightborne.

If you really want dark, give Western Silvermoon to the San’layn.

No, it was about Kael’thas acting like an emo teen. And he’s long gone.

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The name is what gave them appeal to the horde faction. They are pretty elves, they didn’t fit with the horde.

But blood elves fit in fine with the horde. They were savage, dirty, and desperate. Like you said, we lost most of that by the end of BC. I loved that savage nature.

The blood knights were sucking life from a naaru ffs, lets us do sketchy stuff again. Why not? The wind chimes have proven to be terrible allies with seemingly no benefit to allying with them. In fact… we’ve been fighting their wars for them.

Get the blood knights to siphon from the naaru again. Siphon from other creatures to. Make the blood elves power hungry again



:fist: :laughing:

On a more serious note GOD I love Blood Paladins for this! it was so fresh, new and different from what I play in RPG games… were they had to worship to gain powers but if the deity felt like not helping? “Poop you dead no powers”

But syphoning…? that was really a cool concept I never encounter before at that time!


Based on military might and frequency of appearances, it sure seems like Blood Elves might make up one of the largest factions within the Horde. Who’s to say they don’t fit the Horde, when they now could be the ones essentially defining the Horde by right of majority? Or at least, the majority are the non “savage, dirty, and desperate” races.

I can definitely understand and sympathize with this being distasteful to some, but the demographics of the Horde races may not fit the profile they once had: the savage and gritty races might be in the minority.

Horde-ness is not inherently tied to savageness; it’s tied to the properties of the races that constitute the majority of its population. How could it be any other way?

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Most of you sound like you’re talking about Void Elves, except blood instead of void.

If you’re looking for the “lost edge” the void elves are right there.


I don’t see why I should have to change factions just to reclaim what my character had when I made him.


You didn’t like my mana tree idea? A shame.

The Sunwell is just sitting there waiting to be pirated away.

No defensive fleet.

The void hungers

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Weeeeeeelll I do have a Void Elf shadow priest AND a DK… OH and I did farm for my Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel to use Blood Contracts and heal myself after every battle with the blood of my enemies! Raaaww! :laughing:

I miss the old lore edge of the blood elven race, but MY character losing their edge? NEVVAAAAAH!!! :rofl:

Sorry could not resist, but in all seriousness I love WoW lore and the crazy twist Blizz gives classic fantasy stuff! :grin:

Yep, had to much Fel (coffee irl, I get so hyper over nothing lol) this morning!

Back to my online work and then get ready to play with my Drusk Druid to help my little bro who txt me this morning to RPG with him in Legion, he is loving that expansion more than I though!

See ya in WoW! :wave: :grin:

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i attribute the changes on the voidelves as sorta like Alleria’s students more than umbric’s.

The new customization begins to reflect that.

They remind me of the dark templar from Starcraft.

whereas i guess the blood-elves resemble the other templar now.

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