The damage is already done. Release BG's

Hi, the “Honor” system was pushed out way faster than anyone expected, with no battlegrounds tied to it, so bored level 60’s are running around ganking lower level players to farm “honor”.

Since this phase was pushed out so fast, please just go ahead and release battlegrounds. I know that you were holding back because of “easily farmed gear”… but honestly? Who cares at this point. The itemization, class kits and talents are ALREADY what they were at the end of classic, so there’s no real sense of progression to be had. Server population is way higher than classic, so zones aren’t limited to a few people leveling – they’re full of level 60’s running loops on epic mounts 1 shotting people. By the time they run their loop, the person that was ganked has completed the death run, only to be run over by the gank squad in a few moments.

Please, do us a favor (the ones who didn’t rush to 60) and give the PvP junkies something more feasible to grind. Release battlegrounds so they can have someone to farm their honor and have fun doing so, so that we can level as intended again.


Friend, they have already announced battlegrounds for Dec. 10th.

Phase 2 came out at a time that a lot of people expected, but battelgrounds are coming out earlier than some people expected.

Good luck leveling. See you on the BGs.

Just under a month. That’s still too far out.


It’s really not. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed that they will be coming so early, as I was hoping to have more time leveling, and enjoying WPVP on the less populated faction of one of the highest pop realms, with high faction disparity.

However, at least we have 3 more weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy my leveling experience in that time, with PVP on a PVP server. That’s what I’m hoping.

I mean, at 20 days it’s less than 3 weeks. That’s pretty fast in my opinion.

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This day and age where nobody is happy no matter what. What a great time to be a developer. Its 3 weeks man, I don’t get the frustration.


Go roll on a 70/30 Horde dominated server. After Westfall the game is unplayable.


You can wait until December dude

The point of the thread (like many others) is that people cant level. People camping lowbies trying to level is, well, stupid. Uou have a group of 60s camping 55 and belows with no match. Hence they can’t quest nor is it like oh crap you killed me good match. And people will say “go level in dungeons” well thats a whole nother topic. Cant get to dungeons and the xp is minimal. People cant quest without getting camped for hours. Not 1-3 deaths… its just at a point where the players on 1 side grinded to 60 and camp others with no chance. Some of it yes is ally does NOT pvp, but what do you suggest everyone roll horde? Just difficult times


Not much development for Classic WoW, just poor decisions by Blizz. Unbalancing server populations to extreme levels by opening transfers, bringing out honour in that environment, then wonder why their subs plummeted in the last month. Now opening BGs super fast with all those inherent problems to try to stem the exodus.

Of course no one is happy lol

sry you got ganked

Imagine having to do 6+ corpse runs as a stealth class to do a dungeon. The game really is unplayable.


That is a month’s sub fee, for all intents and purposes.

I will not log back into the game until they’re out.

I’m not alone.

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Except that is screwing a lot of people out of a month’s game time. That they paid for.

You are such a gross troll man. Why are you even doing this anymore. We both know you’re not gonna see any meaningful pvp ever and will just swirl around the forums between this and your actual troll toon, never participating.

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PvPers pre-P2: I love world PvP! I love the danger of being ganked anywhere in the open world, while doing the PvE content! Anyone who isn’t on a PvP server is a carebear that isn’t playing the ‘real’ game.


Normal players: “You think you do, but you don’t.”

Too far out? at the rate they are releasing content naxx will be done before end of 2020, this is fast AF

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This game has become unplayable on pvp servers. Any suggestions for a pve server?

So the argument is: Since they pushed out this phase too fast… they should rush the next…


In vanilla the honor system was released two months before battlegrounds were introduced.