The Class Tree capstones are SO BORING!

They all feel so unfun.

On Windwalker especially. I don’t think any of them are even considered worth it.

Imagine preferentially not even wanting to take your class tree capstones!


Think about THIS for a second; paladins get

DIVINE TOLL on their class tree. An iconic, mandatory, incredible team-wide heal or damage.

Monks got…

Jade serpent statue.


Pretty sure they can grab all their capstones too.


they can indeed. easily.


I was playing around on a frost mage the other day and they can darn near grab their entire spec tree, I couldn’t believe it. 98% of their spec tree are single point talents. The talent and point disparity between classes and even specs is ridiculous.

Edit: frost mage can pick up all but 10 talents in their spec tree. Holy paladin can pick up all but 14. Mistweaver (both styles) have 17 left over talents. Resto druid and shaman have 14 left over talents. Holy and disc priest have 15 left over talents.

Basically we have more filler and garbage options and more talents requiring 2 points than any of the other healers.


And look at the warrior class tree. My god, the bounty of choices at the capstone


The warrior tree is honestly amazing. I often swap the talents around freely as I play just because they are all so fun and different!

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dk’s get abomb limb, empowered rune wep, and soul reaper lol… and you pick 2 of 3.


The capstones are pretty lame.

I don’t even hate the statues, I’m actually a fan of JSS / unison, but they need more power or interaction to make them more deserving of a capstone.

Also I play a shaman and I feel their lower class tree sucks pretty bad as well.


Monks! This is a call to arms… err FISTS.

Bump and comment if you would love to see some capstone love.


There’s no “call to arms” here. We’ve been complaining about the capstone statues since before DF came out. The devs don’t care.


Another good reason to fill this topic with comments and likes and views.

Visibility is one of the only methods we have on these forums to show that we care!


Could literally buy a giant billboard outside Blizzard HQ advertising the problems with monk and they’d ignore it.


That would require anyone at all from Blizzard to actually read the monk forums.


Best video I could find but this is basically Blizzard in a nutshell when it comes to monk.


are you telling me an inanimate animal statue that does so little it might as well be a baked in passive in 3 unique flavors isn’t exciting


I don’t like that the jade serpent statue requires you to use soothing mist, because 2/3 specs will literally never do that. Even when they want to offheal, they usually will vivify. I think all 3 statues should be redesigned into two choice nodes, one with xuen/chi-ji, one with yulon/ox. Have these nodes be in the second to last spot and lead into some upgrade nodes, including one that lets you have all 4 statues at once so you can do a shaman cosplay.

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Well if you were to take more then one they’d have to heavily reduce all the damn bloat in our class tree like good start would be making Fortifying Brew Baseline again, Soothing mist baseline for MW not a talent, no need for so many expel harm talents and sure there’s plenty more that can be cut, combined with other talents or reworked :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Edit: can also make rising sun kick baseline as it’s mandatory for all 3 specs.

Yeah a lot of the class tree feels like they just put in talent choices that should be baseline…

I mean imagine having to talent into Eviscerate on a rogue or dump a talent point to just to get Mind Blast.

Whole tree is full of 10%/20% 2 point talent.

And the cap stones are BORING!


Personally in favour of a Monk rework returning them to a more pre Legion play style like make the top 3 talents the old stances of Wise Serpent, Fierce Tiger and Sturdy Ox with Spirited Crane being an early talent option in the Mistweaver Tree.

Although they’d probably need a few tweaks tbh also would love Pool of Mists back on Mistweaver a lvl 100 talent from WoD which would naturally be around the bottom of the Mistweaver tree :dracthyr_comfy_sip: