The Chosen (A) Recruiting!

Are you are looking for a chill and relaxed place to level, quest, raid, pvp, pet battle, achievement hunt, or just all around meet people to talk to? We are an old guild looking to rebuild. We have been around since 2009, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere to all things WoW. We do intend on doing Normal mode raids, however at a very relaxed pace.

We are small as of this moment and are looking to add quality over quantity. We don’t have raid times as of now as we don’t even have a full roster so if you are looking to start raiding soon this is not the guild for you. If you are up for helping rebuild and making The Chosen an awesome place to be then please /w me, or Lunia for more info or a possible invite.

Still recruiting! Doing guild events and dungeon runs! We have people active every night!

Come join us!