< The Casualties > are recruiting 12/12H 11/12N T/W 8-10EST

< The Casualties > are recruiting for our raid team, Also recruiting any casual player looking for a place to hang out and people to kill things with.

About Us:
We are a laid back casual group of friends who have played together throughout multiple expansions and raid tiers. Our goal is to achieve AOTC in heroic during each tier on a shorter raid time schedule. We raid 4 hours per week, and do not recruit for the bench. If you want to raid and can hold your own in a raid you will have a spot. Our raid size is generally between 12 and 16 people as of right now. We have achieved this goal 3/4 Raid tiers this expansion. During EP we lost a few core members to classic’s release and real life commitments, so the guild as a whole did not achieve AOTC, as a guild we stopped raiding, and those who chose to pursue still achieving AOTC still obtained it. Occasionally we will ask the raid if they would be ok to extend raid times by up to a max of 30 minutes on certain nights if we are close to a kill or we think it is beneficial to get a couple more pulls in. As of now there is no plans to raid Mythic, the endstate goal is achieve AOTC on heroic. The majority of us are 25+ years old. We have a NSFW environment during general banter between each other. We also enjoy running keys, grouping for dailies, island expeditions, visions and timewalking.

12/12 H
11/12 N

Raid Times:
Tues 8-10pm EST
Wed 8-10pm EST

Previous Teirs:
Uldir: 8/8 H
BOD: 9/9 H
EP: 5/8 H

Recruitment Priority: (If your class/spec is not listed you are still welcome to reach out and contact us)
Ret Paladin
Warrior DPS
Resto Shaman / Disc Priest

Voice chat - Discord (mic not required)
Addons: DBM/Big Wigs , ‘Details’ or ‘recount’ (either one)

Contact Info: If you have any further questions or are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us
Guild Leader - Keyswar : Key#1238
Raid Leader - Amherst : Condor#1386

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Time and days are perfect! I need a new home soon and lil fox thang are cute af


Feel free to contact us in-game / real ID so we can chat!

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Jexia#0616 Discord ID - I have a few ?? :slight_smile:

I added you, I won’t be back around until tomorrow (Friday) night though.

Np! Just I know you guys added a few more peeps and wanted to check if you have still the needs of a resto sham :slight_smile:


We will be joining and ready next week !

Bumpity bump!

Bumpity bump!

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