The case for Arcanite Reaper!


Before getting into the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Arcanite Reaper as a whole, I think it’s important to give you a summary of my own experience ever since the original release of Classic to maybe help you determine whether you’re someone who is of a similar mindset like myself to have been motivated enough to transfer to Arcanite Reaper in the first place.

I, along with a close friend of mine, was the co-founder of an incredibly successful guild that essentially spawned from a group of people involved in a fairly popular Classic podcast at the time, with similar MMO goals and interests. I wrote our guiding principles, our guild charter, our loot council structure - everything that I felt was necessary to create and maintain a cohesive community. Almost a year went by and, after AQ40 was released, I stepped down from a leadership position because time was in short supply with a family that needed me to not be raiding as often and also because the culture in my guild had started to deteriorate over time as I had begun to be less hands-off with everything. I quit Classic entirely for nearly 8 months until my wife and I decided to get a late start on Burning Crusade at the end of June. It wasn’t long after that in which I had immediately regret my decision trying to insert myself back into the atmosphere of my guild I hadn’t associated with for over half a year because of a server overrun with grief-inducing world PvP and what seemingly appeared to be a newfound elitist mindset of the guild I created. It was only a few short days later that I had happened upon exactly what I needed…

Why you should transfer!

Browsing YouTube for something to pass the time while waiting for my respawn timer to fade, after having been killed for the n’th time in a row, the algorithm saw fit to push my least favorite streamer front and center with what appeared to be a meme video about “Playing on a dead server.” I figured I’d give it a look as I assumed the title was referring to original Classic players that had decided not to transfer and I thought “well, it can’t be much worse than how toxic my own server has seemingly become.” What transpired, however, was honestly such a refreshing take on the small server lifestyle that I had to personally seek out the individual in question and get some answers to my own questions. It took no more than 30 minutes and another open world gank for my wife and I to be convinced that transferring was the right thing for both of us. My personal experiences thus far have led me to a few distinct conclusions:

  • Your reputation matters.

  • Your guild of choice is your family.

  • The small Auction House requires you to get a little creative.

  • Farming for professions has never been easier.

  • The raiding community is very much alive and well.

Why you shouldn’t transfer!

Nothing is worse than joining a guild or a server and having what is essentially the equivalent of buyer’s remorse after putting in a partial time commitment. The difference here would be that you’ve now slapped a price tag onto it and feel obligated to suffer through it. Nobody wants that for you, so I’ll give you a list of definite reasons why you should not transfer to Arcanite Reaper:

  • You’re relying on ‘Looking For Group’ to do your heavy lifting.

  • You’re someone that’s prone to drama, whether intentional or not.

  • You’re expecting anyone to care about who you were somewhere else.

  • You’re going to dine-and-dash - your level of commitment will be noticeable.

  • You’re not willing to exchange population for quality interactions.


Bottom line here is that this isn’t some underhanded advertisement for my own guild. I don’t give any time to the drama of other guilds, Horde or Alliance, either; this is simply my way of making a case for the server itself. Time and time again, my decision to come here is proven right by the positive and endearing interactions I have with not only my guildmates, but the other people on the server, as well. I would never suggest to anyone that they should consider transferring here without at least rolling a fresh character to see how the community and world feels with a new perspective on things. I will say, however, that if you’re looking for a tight community server with plenty of room for growth and expansion, then Arcanite Reaper might actually be the place for you!


Rock Bottom are good bunch of dudes. Much nicer than that “other” guild.

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Chill vibes only. Lets save AR and keep this server growing.

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Well, a majority of that “other” guild has transferred off. Enjoy!

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Lmao didn’t know we had such haters on the horde. Ask your compadres sup bro who get stomped when it’s not a 3v1.


Also roll a guild here if you want a guild toxic enough to deny your members a mongoose enchant and actively poach your members.