The Brokers and the Warp

When casting Spells the Broker Raid Boss sometimes says “Gaze into the Warp!”

Furthermore his Warp-aligned Magic Bolt is called Hyperlight Spark which deals Arcane Damage not Holy Damage despite the name. The associations between Arcane and Radiance/Brightness(seen with Azshara and Isiset) not from the Sun, Naaru or Gold are getting bigger!

At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Light from a Lightbulb did Arcane Damage rather than Holy Damage! The Light seems to originate only from Sunlight, the Crystals of the Light and Gold(Gold infact deals Holy Damage) it seems!

I would assume the Warp is the Arcane counterpart to the Fel’s Twisting Nether.


I think you keep reading way too into the linguistics of the spell. If I called a spell that fired a flashing bolt of fire, and I decided to call it something like Flamelight Bolt, that would not then mean that it was Light magic.

These are all headcanons you’re posing, and I’m sorry, but they’re not very good ones.


Well mages have that timewarp spell. I am not exactly sure on the lore of it, but it seems they use the Arcane to Warp time.

I do not claim to be very knowledgeable about Mages. But they do not control the elements of fire or water with some elemental dialogue like Shaman. They sort of manipulate them with the Arcane.

I would not be surprised if it is more in the vein of using Arcane to Warp ambient “big L Light” or even “little l light”. Or that “little l light” is a physical manifestation of Arcane warping. Almost like radiation. And Radiance is some sort of bloated Arcane creation.

Just some wild guesses on the subject. As Grandblade said, sometimes you read a little too deeply into things. Which is not bad, especially as we attempt to figure things out. But we should recognize it as just informed conjecture, at best.

Perhaps “the warp” is the Arcane’s answer to “the void”. Some sort of all consuming power and plane that orders things as it sees fit, instead of consuming or disordering.

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The mention of “the Warp” is definitely interesting, and may be an indication of the realm the Brokers originate from. Given their seemingly Arcane origins, one could deduce that this “Warp” realm is in fact some type of Arcane dimension (similar to the Shadowlands but for Arcane).

Notice that Artificer Xy’Mox’s belt does seem to have a very similar pattern to those found in Oribos (geometric lines), so perhaps this is where the First Ones originate from as well?

Side-note: As Danuser said in one of his recent interviews, we have yet to see a “Titan Homeworld”, so perhaps it is in this “Warp” that we will see one.