The Blizzard post we are all waiting for

Just took a shower while waiting on Path of Exile to download, it’s a big game. Gotta find something to do while unsubbed to classic.


Yeah you can, you just can’t open 30 instances. Plenty of room for farming

They didn’t delete instance farming from the game they limited EXCESSIVE instance farming


Also, the employee who thought this was a good idea has been fired. We just found out he hasn’t graduated elementary school yet.

uhm it was a great idea, stop abusing instances


Yes farming a boss for specific loot is abusing. wait no its not. IE mara dagger,reed,gladiator chain. some people have limited time to play and some people smash that time hard. so there limiting players who already have limited time to play. along side of m8’s etc. alts etc that cap is not high enough. there was a freaking april fools joke about this in the past because of how dumb it was FROM BLIZZARD.

Also “we are unable to properly deliver a authentic Classic experience to you, our loyal customers that you all deserve so we’ve hired on the Nost devs to be full time WoW Classic mods who in turn will take over and add additional game masters”

Blizz pls do this

Alterac Valley is now 1.5

yes it is, notice how blizzard agrees and you can’t do it anymore

guess you and your weak argument lost, sorry


They lie and lie and lie.


I’m starting to wonder if you are not paid by blizzard to put your grain of salt in every post that are against the 30 day cap.

Everywhere i go i see a troll from you or strait up nonsense.


“you like the botting/gold instance nerf?!”

“you must be paid by blizzard!”

can you hear yourself? no wonder your side of the argument lost


I actually use my brain?
Those change will kill classic and tbc. There are a ez way to fix all this crap and it will cost blizard a hotfix.

ZF farm: remove the louts from zombies in grave and scarab.
ZG,mara,etc: Boost the average lvl of any low lvl in a group with a 60. it kill the exp and nobody will buy boost.
Strath: use a real anti cheat software.

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It took me 3 second to come up with a better “fix” then blizz.

Oh bro I just hate the change. And with blizzard our voices falls on deafen ears. for some players ya it didn’t affect and then there’s others who have alts etc. good example mine. did 15 runs last night. pre raid farm. did more this morning im almost at cap. and its for a 24 hour period. I wanna play wow but i cant lvl an alt besides quest. I cant go try to get preraid bis. can’t farm more things for raid. its like i hit a wall because of it.

Do you guys not have phones!?!???!!!

Do you even know what will happen in TBC if this change stay? there is 1 starter zone…1. Gl trying to complete 1 quest with 100 other dude fighting over 1 mob that have around 45 sec respawn. 100 dude is low maybe more 500. they will do 1 thing put more layers…what happen with that economy is f***** again…yay

yea lol their post on wowhead about the bots and players “asking them ; what can we do to help” lmfao. people been complaining about the bots for so long and only now they do anything

damn clowns…

Why would they remove it? We know all the complaints are from the same guy and his sockpuppet accounts.

Because there are a lots of other lazy way to “fix” the boosting they seems to be so against and make instance less profitable to farm.