The Blizzard Entertainment Student Art Contest 2018-2019 Winners!

Every year these have impressed me and this year is no exception. Take a look and I hope you enjoy their creativity as much as I do. :slight_smile:


Please please please?


You need to hire the corgi guy. If you dont blizzard you are missing out


Corgi art looks better than the elite sets. Intern him

The beetle battle tank > Corgi mount 1000x over. You have goggles!

No battle pets? Kids these days, what are they learning in school?

Just make the corgi smaller and BAM!, instant battle pet.

I demand a kittysaurus rex!

Yes the corgi is well done… but not as a mount. Part of what makes corgis cute is their size so one big enough to ride doesn’t sound good.

Good submissions though. I didn’t check the video submissions though.

I do not envy the judges, all of those entries were amazing!!! Awesome work to everyone who won. :slightly_smiling_face::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses:

Incoming corgy store mount

AGREED. Please please please Blizzard?!

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Very nice!


Cant rush greatness

Why do you idiots keep on bumping threads from the prehistoric age of the dinosaurs like you think you’ll be able to replicate Jurassic Park’s success?


Bruh moment.

We are searching for answers.

Corgi mount will include a personal world expander. When you summon him you shrink and ride tiny corgi.