The Big Druid Bug list

This list includes bugs specific to druids, but also to general gameplay, and especially Taurens specifically. Some of these can be rather game breaking, others just take the fun out of the class. If you can refute any of these bugs with evidence I will remove it from the list.


Shifted Movement Speeds are Incorrect

From Vanilla Wowwiki:

The mathematics behind how movement speed effects stack with each other is debated, but appears to be actually quite simple. Most on-foot speed effects do stack with each other, and likewise mounted speed effects stack with each other as well.

[Shaman] and [Druid] travel forms also exhibit this multiplicative stacking; the 15% increase they receive from the [PvP-Rare] set yielding a total SUSTAINED speed of 161%.

This mechanic was changed to be additive in later expansions, but in vanilla it is multiplicative.

Druid Threat and Rage Generation

Druid threat at large seems to be bugged. There could be multiple reasons why.

  • Swipe is not generating the proper 1.75 threat modifier
  • Rage generation seems to be massively undertuned
  • Bears are not getting the proper 1.3 or 1.495 modifiers in bear, that stack with other threat modifiers
  • Other classes aren’t getting their proper threat modifiers, such as Frost Channeling or Rogue’s innate 0.7 threat modifier
  • Ranged threat isn’t being properly evaluated, which from my understanding should be 130% to pull threat when out of melee range
  • Another hidden mechanic or bug to do with threat in general


  • Innervate seems to be randomly falling off without being dispelled or purposely unbuffed

Weapon Skills Not being Maxed while Shifted

  • I am getting reports from druids that weapon skills are affecting their hit chances while shifted, I haven’t confirmed this bug but I have heard this multiple times from different druids when using weapons types while in different forms that they have different chances to hit while shifted.
    Druids should always have maxed out weapon skills when in form except travel and aquatic.

Cat energy ticks not consistent

  • Druids are reporting getting 21-24 energy ticks in cat form

Predatory Strikes and Leader of the Pack not applying

  • Leader of the Pack is not applying properly when shifted into forms, especially after using cancelform macros that automatically shift after canceling the existing stance.

Existing Bugs

"Must be Outdoors" error:

  • This error is extremely annoying and applies to all classes, but specifically druids. There are countless locations across the world which are clearly OUTSIDE (minimap shows the sky not a cave or building), ground makeup is normal, and yet a druid is unable to use their important abilities like roots or travel form. Not only that, but they can’t mount. This is more of a global issue, but I’ve ran into HUNDREDS of locations where I can’t mount or use my abilities or travel form. Certain textures do not constitute being “outdoors” or not, and these need to be patched to properly reflect that fact.

  • Not only can you not mount, but most of the time you are promptly DISMOUNTED, making the bug even more aggravating,

Mana draining while shifted:

  • Druids are STILL being mana drained/burned while shapeshifted. Spells such as vipersting and mana burn continue to destroy druid’s mana even when they have no mana bar. This bug has been known since beta. I WATCHED a druid on a livestream report the bug after getting viperstinged in AV.

General issues with druid stance specific macros:

  • I’m not really big on modern macros, i’m only good with actual vanilla ones so I’m mainly lost when it comes to writing them, I haven’t fully learned yet. Apparently, Classic exists in some weird version of wow where 1.12 macros don’t work but neither do modern macros. Druids are reporting issues with macros mainly directed and used by druids specifically.


  • Furor causes combat when shifting into bear for a few seconds. This isn’t proper behavior. There is also a delay between shifting into bear and generating rage from furor which causes chunkiness and reduces the likelihood to do things like a proper charge interrupt, especially when combined with spell batching.
  • Furor is keeping the druid in combat even after they completely shift out of bear form or switch forms preventing drinking or mounting or anything else related to combat.


  • Thorns is not taging mobs as is expected. In vanilla, if a mob took any damage by a reflection mechanic such as thorns or fire shield that mob should be tagged. I keep hearing that this was changed in vanilla, but I have seen no concrete evidence of such and players are stealing mobs off druids who have rightfully tagged the mobs. Even mobs who have been swiped have been stolen off of me.

Until concrete evidence can be given to the contrary, this is a bug

Noggenfogger/Savory Deviate shift cloaking

  • Druids should be able to disguise their current form, and keep these buffs, when shifting. Not only does it make these items actually useable for druids, like the rest of the classes, it also confers an advantage, as an enemy won’t know simply by looking which form the druid is currently in. This was NOT patched in vanilla, and is one of those little quirks that make the game fun. Imagine my let down when I cooked my first savory deviates and found out that there were completely uselss to me, and the buff immediately canceled on shifting. Noggin stays, but does not properly cloak shapeshifting as it should.

  • This is one of the little quirks that make druids fun and this not being in the game honestly pisses me off. Shout out to Time for proving this mechanic through period video

Aquatic form unshifting

  • Druids, at least tauren druids specifically, will unshift when near the top of the water randomly, forcing them to reshift back into seal, and forcing them to stay below the water instead of on the surface. Also, simply jumping from the water unshifts, which I feel is improper, because it makes it an ordeal to simply surface. There should be a minor delay to the spell to prevent an accidental unshift when simply jumping in the water. Makes the spell feel clunky and unpolished, especially combined with the tauren hitbox issues

Tauren hitboxes

  • Tauren druids have extreme difficulty in using their abilities, especially when bear due to being “out of range”. This is exceedingly annoying in dungeons, where spells like maul and swipe are landing without issue, but growl remains greyed out until you are literally standing on top of the mob. it had lead to many deaths, where I should, by all accounts been able to taunt the mob, but due to the laughable state of the tauren hitbox, I could not. Something needs to seriously be done about tauren spells reflecting the size of their hitbox. This generally works out fine for classes like warriors, where the range is melee range, but for druids, growl has a set range and so it doesn’t reflect the huge hitbox discrepancy between the mob and the druid. You could be smacking eachother all day long, but to use growl or a similar spell, you would need to move in multiple yards to be close enough. Extremely annoying bug. Especially when party members instinctively start running away, you should be able to snag a mob but are unable to so you just have to watch them beat your healer to death.

Bear threat generation:

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed an extremely hard time in 5 mans holding agro on a druid. in my experience, basic white autos not including maul should be sufficient to hold single target agro unless the DPS is exceptional or critting. On a swipe pack (3 mobs) druids are well known to excel in holding agro with ease on 3 mobs with swipe spam. I have found that, unless I am literally landing nothing but mauls on even single target focus, I am liable to quickly lose agro for seemingly no reason. Likewise, on a pack of 3, I routinely find mobs being stripped immediately, even after multiple swipes, which from what I remember should not happen. Bears excel in threat generation, it is their strongest tanking point. Having mobs ripped off of me, left and right, unless I literally SPAM maul on them seems improper to me. Granted, I don’t have the 15% extra threat talent from Feral Instinct, but that shouldn’t make that drastic of a difference. Since there’s no decent threat meters to measure these things (pretty much all DPS meters so far have been trash) it’s hard to concretely test this.

  • I have just noticed that it doesn’t seem proper at all, and tanking as a druid, something that is usually easy and a joy to do with easy threat gen, has become a taxing, full time chore to stay on top of, with mobs running off in all directions at the slightest whiff of dps from another source.


That’s all I have for now, I will add more as I see, or if people can refute I will remove them. If you can find concrete evident confirming or denying these bugs from first hand sources (videos, wayback machine, old forums, thottbot) please post here.



Great post! I will say that, AFAIK through extensive personal use, the macro bit is incorrect; form conditionals are working perfectly fine, and the person quoted admitted they simply hadn’t put their macro on their bars.

If any druids need help with macros, feel free ask. They’re quite simple and easy.


I’m also experiencing these issues and more on my druid. Last time I played was actual vanilla, so I do remember it well. NONE of my macros from original WoW are working, mostly seeming to be locked values in the API like CastSpellByName. I had a lot of macros for example that used scripts and queried my current form, set it to a value, shifted out, used a heal potion, and shifted back into whatever form I was in.
To replicate this in the current classic client it seems I need a separate macro for healing potion for EVERY form (bear, cat, travel).
Also, sometimes spells are interrupted, for example casting regrowth and then hitting bear form like 0.1s before it ends it cancels the regrowth sometimes for no apparent reason.
Shifting into form sometimes shifts me back out, possibly lag, i hit bear/cat form nothing happens so i hit it again and then i see it shift and pop back out. Annoying.
I remember in original wow it would auto shift me out of form if I used something like a heal pot or casted regrowth etc , it doesn’t do that now but I can’t remember if it was an addon or not that was doing it.

Bear threat seems OK but I’m having a HUGEEEE issue with missing/dodge/parry/etc, which is driving me insane trying to tank. Sometimes I can’t hit the mobs for 3-4 swings in bear form which means 0 threat. It’s ridiculous. Bear/cat should have some form of 5% innate to-hit chance or a talent for it somewhere.
Cat form is doing this as well. Even from BEHIND targets they are dodging me, which shouldn’t happen. Sometimes 3-4 claws in a row don’t land, but rogues seem to have zero issues with this. BTW this is < level 50 so there is no gear available. I haven’t gotten to 60 yet. This is SO frustrating and kind of makes me feel useless as a feral when 30-40% of my attacks don’t land during a fight. It definitely wasn’t THAT bad in original WoW.

I wish they would add some quality of life things, like allowing us to use potions/items/etc in forms, even loot and talk to NPCs would be great. No reason for this not to be ‘fixed’ as it’s not game breaking, would just make life so much easier (just like the missing/dodging/parrying). This would be HUGE for raiding as every other class can use items/potions while tanking or dpsing. It was an absolute nightmare to try and shift out while tanking a boss and use an item and shift back trying to time it between their auto attacks.

Something I always wondered from original WoW is why bear/cat can’t parry. I can attack cats in the wild, bears in the wild, and they parry. Makes no sense. If a random cat/bear can parry, we should be able to also.


In regard to the mana burn issue, the interaction between the druid class’ bear form and mana draining effects was changed so that you couldn’t lose mana in bear form in patch 1.4 of vanilla, so that isn’t a bug since Wow Classic is a patch 1.2 server.

That is incorrect; while it is limited to the content of the 1.2 patch, it has all the class changes and bug fixes of the 1.12 patch.


Sadly my friend, it seems as if they use the modern game macros instead of the 1.12 CastSpellByName("Thorns") else if TargetIsEnemy then CastSpellByName("Starfire") end which were much more powerful and useful.

I will second that making a macro for druids is ridiculous, I will try and include a screenshot when I get in the game of how many macros I have now, and I’m nowhere near fully macroed out. You need a macro for literally everything. There’s no Lazypig or equivalent addon that allows unshifting to mount, use items, or talk to people. No catch-all macros for using items.

I’ve also noticed bugs as far as shifting at the end of spell casts interrupting a spell that has completed. It’s probably related to spell batching in some way, but has nearly gotten me killed on countless occasions. It should be impossible to shift during a spellcast, unless that spell is a macro containing SpellStopCasting. So therefore, healing, and then shifting, are two mutually exclusive events, one must complete before the other is possible.

I would call it lag, but there should be practically no lag on modern servers, since we’re running at 40 ms ping.

Regarding bear form mechanics, I think you might’ve nailed the problem. Missing/dodge/parry seems extremely high, resulting in very low rage generation. I notice that I’m rage starved extremely often, which should be very rare on a druid. One of the strong points to why they’re such powerful tanks is they have practically unlimited rage. There may possibly be a bug relating to weapon skill. Druids should have weapon skill always max when shifted. But yeah, I’ve noticed while tanking in dungeons that I will miss my white hits sometimes 3-4 times in a row, even with 3% hit (2% shoulders and 1% hit trinket), and maxed skill. The white hits cause almost no threat at all, even with the innate bear threat multiplier, and anything less than a maul hardly moves my threat at all. I’ve crit mobs for 700 with maul, which should cause extremely high threat, and not had them pull off my party mates. Granted, they may be pulling “mad deeps” but there is absolutely nothing in the game that causes more threat than a critting bear maul. Maul and Swipe should be doing threat like so:

Damage * 1.3 bear modifier * 1.75 = Threat. So 700 maul would be (700* 1.3 * 1.75) = 1592.5 threat.

With Feral instincts that would be 149.5% modifier. So (700 * 1.495 * 1.75) = 1831.36 threat

At the very least, I do not believe that swipe is getting proper threat modification. I have spammed 150 crit swipes over and over and still had agro pulled off me. That should be 341.25 without FI and 392.44 threat with FI. PER SWIPE

I will say however that mobs can dodge from behind so that is proper, they just can’t parry. It is also well known that bears and cats can’t parry so that is also proper.

As far as the QoL changes such as talking to NPC while shifted, etc, I agree that that would be nice considering there’s no auto unshift or addon like Lazypig to allow this functionality.

Nice try, but we can’t just simply pick and choose which patch we’re in when it suits us. We are running patch 1.12 with these weird “phases”. Blizzard had the opportunity to do progressive patching and they passed up that opportunity. So now, we’re playing some weird game where we’re always patch 1.12 but for some reason we have things from patch 2.x and higher in the game such as mailbox changes, some things that aren’t 1.12 at all such as no keyring, and onslaught girdle from 5 phases later.

As a result, we have people like you that basically think blizzard is correct in every situation because it’s impossible to hold them to anything concrete because we have some abomination that’s using 4 different states of the game in one client so nobody has any idea what’s proper and what isn’t. In my opinion, this was done on purpose to excuse bugs as “not in this phase” but at some point we have to hold the devs accountable for the state of the game.


Maybe I have a unique perspective since I ONLY played original WoW and never on a pserver or retail. So I remember it fairly decently. I know druid bear/cat can’t parry but they should be able to, or cats/bears in the wild shouldn’t be able to.
This is obviously not patch 1.2 or 1.4 in regards to the other person’s comment, or we’d have innervate at the bottom of the resto tree, and my priest would still have their melee attack power buff :stuck_out_tongue:

Another note i’m going to try leveling my actual weapon skill , and unarmed skill , to max and see if that affects the forms. It shouldn’t, but who knows? Something is definitely wrong in that area. I’m missing a lot of attacks even on mobs 3 levels lower than I am which is endlessly frustrating.
Last night i was fighting a mob the same level as me and I had to cast ferocious bite 6 times to get it to land.

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Cat form energy regeneration is supposed to be 20 energy per tick. Occasionally, I will get 21 energy. This weird energy gain happens on my rogue also. So it might be a general energy generation problem across the board.

Yeah I noticed that too, figured it was because of some energy being refunded on all these dodges/parries/misses that seem to be insane right now. I end up with 34 energy a LOT more times than I think I should, making it really annoying to be able to FB @ 35 energy ugh. Possibly it’s giving 19 energy sometimes and 21 others? I’m not sure it’s kind of wonky, I don’t remember vanilla doing this quite as often.

Well that’s a great perspective to have, we need people like you. However, in the same breath, people like you have notoriously bad memory when it comes to things like this (and I don’t mean that as a personal insult). Human recall is notoriously bad, but still, it is definitely a good thing to have those like yourself around and of course I welcome your opinion. I mainly played vanilla, some BC and a little Wrath.

As far as the parry issue, that’s kind of a moot point and it won’t be changed. Cats in the wild are mobs, mobs have different mechanics than players do. Druids will not be given parry, and mobs will not have that ability removed. Period. So discussing it isn’t worth your time or effort mate.

Sure, if you have the dedication to do that by all means see if it affects things. i would be very interested to see the results, as that would be more or less game breaking for druids.

Druids should absolutely have skills maxed at all times while shifted

I have also noticed having 1 less energy than required, however I haven’t noticed 21 energy ticks. Interesting

I don’t know the specific mechanic regarding energy refunds. I know that if a combo point generating ability is dodged/miss/parried you get some energy refunded but I think finishing moves aren’t refunded at all. Again, I’m not really an expert on this issue but I could find it if I digged deep enough

Could be serious cat issues we aren’t fully aware of, but nothing concrete enough for me to add it to the list without something specific being locked down.

Let me know if you find something tho

When using a macro with cancelform > cast bear form, Leader of the Pack fails to apply every time. I’ll bearshift again, and it will apply. Seems every other bearshift will work. If I use the stance bar button to cancel stance, then bearshift, it applies everytime. I’ve not tested cancelaura, or stance, as cancelform was more elegant.

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Did some more testing and definitely seeing 21 energy ticks now, however they only seem to happen at certain points, and i’ve never seen it go past an extra 4 (which is why I seem to always end up at 34 energy a lot) . I think it might be the ticks are taking longer than they should , i’m using a tick timer, it just seems off a bit. I believe rogues are experiencing similar strangeness.

I’m in the process of leveling unarmed and staff skill to see if it makes any difference. It shouldn’t, but it could be bugged as this isn’t 100% the vanilla client.

/cancelform works the best /fastest for making macros, tested this. However sometimes it doesn’t work. Simple macro like /cancelform /cast bear form, sometimes it shifts to bear and immediately back out. I wish there was a way to set a timer on the cancelform for 1 second so it wouldn’t do it if you hit the key twice (like a castsequence reset timer on the cancelform)

Using cancelform macros for shifting, so I can say go from cat straight to bear without canceling cat first, causes predatory strikes AP buff not to apply in bear form.

Seems to always apply to cat form, but never to bear.

After more testing it seems to only occur when shifting between cat and bear form, if I go travel > bear > travel > bear it applies the AP bonus every time so far.

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anyone else feel like feline swiftness 30% movespeed stops working if your inside a cave or other such places?

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The talent specifies it only works outdoors, sadly. I find it weird though what a lot of the game considers “Outside”


well iono how i didnt see that but either way thats meh i guess i wont be chasing anyone down inside caves etc lol

Yeah this really really needs to be fixed. I lose the leader of the pack and other aura powershifting. Shift from cat->cat auras gone, shift cat->cat again just as fast and they come back… It’s every other shift, one cat-cat shift they go away, next cat-cat shift they are back, next they go away etc.
Does same thing in bear-bear or bear-cat or cat-bear.

Everyone submit bug reports in the client please.

Also noticed some of the speed buffs not stacking when they should.


This may mitigate while Bliz works out Classic ‘Features’.