The BG premade situation is layers of just... dumb

Its incredibly demoralizing playing against a premade as a pug group. Getting into a solid premade is even more awful. Alliance, due to their short queue times, rather let a horde premade win than draw out an actual fun, competitive game.

Its cancer man. There’s nothing good about it right now. I’m not here to offer a solution just throwing my hat into the pot. I came back to play since taking a break from December, excited to play bgs, but this sucks.

However when its a pug v pug game, and the alliance are competent its fun.


all blizzard content now is a blatant cash grab, tricking their own player base into buying transfers by letting the balanced(already full) servers get flooded by refugees from unbalanced ones. there is no more integrity, no regard for quality of their own game. preying on player nostalgia and milking it for everything its worth was the motto from the very beginning. its a new dawn


The last good pug vs pug I had was in AB. Both sides were sweating you could tell. The game ened:

Alliance 1980
Horde 2000

It was epic!

I want to thank those Alliance for putting up a fair good battle. That was over due.

Bingo! I literally don’t even let premades kill me… you ain’t getting a single kill off me. :wink:


You mean like when alliance had a chance in AV? Interesting…


Yea, thats what I play pvp for, thats whats fun. I’ve only had a few of those! Wish there were more.

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its not even like one side or the other gets a huge amount of bonus honor for winning anyway, as long as both sides give it their all and fight in glorious combat for supremacy. at the end of it the reward isn’t the win, it was the battle.

premades have taken that away from this game for a few pixels. I don’t see myself pvp’ing after this week since I get rank 13(was going for 14) and the only reason im stopping there is these constant gy thrashings by full alliance premades, they’ve started to take a huge toll on my happiness in this game and those weapons just aren’t worth it to me anymore.


I’ll trade a moved back cave for being able to solo queue. Solid trade.

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“a moved back cave” has nothing to do with my comment…

Especially when blizzard is saying they’re doing things to prevent premading… but instead they add unnecessary changes to vanilla, to reduce the negative effects of a change they previously added - merging all battlegroups…

Are you not complaining about how Alliance can’t win an AV to save their life with current map design? Because moving the horde cave back would solve that.

You could move the horde camp/cave off the map and it won’t matter… If you haven’t been following the “fixes” to AV since the game came out to guarantee a Horde win… then IDK what to tell you.

You might want to clue the rest of your Alliance brethren in that belief then, the rest of them seem to disagree.

I feel like you’re trying to be witty here.

Oh no there is zero “whit” there… and clue my “brethren” in on what? The fact horde has every advantage possible on the map? What are our options? Farm rep at SH, rush SF and cap (seen one game where that worked in the last 30 i’ve played (for 3 mins), rush IBGY… seen that die in a fire 99% of the time, farm SH until a wipe and rush (seen that work maybe at most 30% until ya’ll retake it). How about the option we use to have with premade discord until it was “fixed” to (balance) the already horde favored map? Even then horde actually came up with counters and worked together (something ally never does) and still won almost 1/2 the time… granted it was prob 70/30… But blizz can’t have that… gotta “fix” it even more and now ally is at at 5/95 rate and ppl complain b/c ally “turtle and farm rep” … seriously…

Oh so this is what it’s about. You want the option to do something that Vanilla was never intended to do instead of consider a change they eventually made to AV to balance the map. Gotcha.

oh you mean when we had vent and did the exact samething or are you too young to remember that?

I’m holds up hands this many years old!

nice of you to take 1 sentence out of everything that I said and pervert it to your means.

That largely has to do with the fact that it doesn’t seem worthwhile of having a serious discussion with you.

k… “I’m defeated and everything that person said is valid” so it’s not worth discussing… got it.

Whatever helps you sleep at night (apparently hemp).