The beta server is down and has been for a while - do we know why?


… and is there any indication as to when it will come back up? Is there a dev post somewhere that I haven’t been able to find?

UPDATE: it’s answered in the top sticky post - down all weekend for AV testing.


they are doing the AV testing in the Diablo named server.

Announcement for it at the top of the board.

(Thundertotem) #3

um, they are testing AV all weekend, the normal beta server is down for the duration.


Thank-you! I Googled and Googled and didn’t find this.

That sucks as I hate AV. Guess it’s Monster Hunter World all weekend.


The Field of Strife is in Alterac Valley.


Field of strife has also been in diablo since… 2??


Imagine being in the beta and NOT wanting to play it.

Almost convinced this is a troll thread as you come in to this forum full of people frothing at the mouth waiting for a beta invite just to say, “Oh well, I guess I’ll play something else this weekend.”


Settle petal. It’s AV. I have no interest in that at all. Sorry if that grinds you.


There’s no fields of strife in diablo 2.

The only “field” area in diablo 2 is Stony.


Not really, I’m not a big fan of PvP myself. I’m just grasping at any slim chance I could have to be in the beta and can’t bring myself to be interested in doing anything else. Really I should just be going to bed, but I keep staring at that inactive PLAY button on the Blizzard Launcher.

Just annoying to see someone who has the option and forsakes it.

Tried Googling it, seems like he’s misremembering the Battlefields of Eternity.


Thats probably it… Its been a long time since 2 -.-


I completely understand this, and is why I just spent an hour (no kidding) Googling for what was disguised as a post about AV at the top of this forum. Bad forum mod - put critical information in the title (normal beta down all weekend).

Beta Classic is my absolute preference over anything right now, and come August (and despite a lot of good games coming out) I’ll be lost in Azeroth for the indefinable future.

But AV still has not only no interest for me, I feel bile in my throat even contemplating it.


It’s what quite a few of us felt earlier when we were asking why the beta client suddenly reappeared in our launchers after the AV servers launched, but stated, “You can’t play WoW Classic yet.”

We got this response:

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Ah but you missed that every character that is rolled on the Field of Strife server will automatically be upgraded to level 58 , given a PVP set as well as some gold. Last I checked while they are limiting people’s ability to go out of the major cities they are not shutting down the mail system.

I intend to take full advantage of that to bankroll the rest of my toon’s travels on the Classic Beta :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s funny, I didn’t even consider cross-realm mailing from the AV server to the actual beta servers.


Honestly though, I’m happy to continue the journey (and grind) without any boosts. That’s a big part of the reason I want Classic at all - no shortcuts, no easy mode, no changes.

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Weekend ruined.

Never PVP’ed in BG’s much and I did like AV. Not not this version of AV.


Rofl holy cow , I guess common sense isn’t that common…

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They’re not actually given a PVP set. They’re just given a premade selection of gear, which is …pretty questionable for some classes.

Hunters get a Hand of Justice, but no mount. Shaman get a weird mix of caster and melee gear, but no real two-handed weapon.


I see a post about AV, I ignore it because my interest is a net negative. The biggest piece of information in that post turns out to be that normal beta is closed for the weekend. You’d think they’d put that in the topic.

But noooo.