The Battleground Clan recruitment thread

The Grobbulus discord had the populations within a fraction of 1% of being equal with over 3000 responses.

is there a horde option?

Not that I am aware of.



That’s good to hear. In six months we’ll be thankful for that.

I have a guild name Battleground Battalion. Or Battleground Clan, depending on how many Dwarves/Gnomes we have.

I’m rolling a female Dwarf.

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Check out the new realms…

(Before anyone gets upset, I’m not suggesting you change realms. Just thought it was funny. Also, they’re going to remove the 3-toon limit earlier in the day.)


If you guys ever kill streamers please post vids.

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There aren’t any rolling on Grob :slight_smile:

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Everyone should use this RP addon and at least give your character a first/last name, age, birthplace and simple back story. Your RP name can be different than your character name.

Is there a guild yet? I made my Human Warlock there, level 3 so far. Will level more tonight.

Just logged out to get my weekly boxes on retail and now I have a 15 min queue trying to get back onto classic. I imagine it will only get worse going into this evening lol.

No guild yet. I will finish saving for it when I log on.

I got the funds Floyln just pm me in game so I send it to the right name. 10s right?

I’m in a 4000 player queue atm. Yes it’s 10s.

It took me right at 1 hour to get through it. I just got in lol. My queue was 3986 at the beginning.

I also have about 14 more bags to give out. If anyone needs or wants some just pm me.

I’m at 6,567. ETA 177 minutes

2500 left to go, timer claims 35 mins.

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Is it Bloodsail? Because, a lot of RPers are going there for peace and what not :<

It’s Gobb. We’re there for the community and eventual lively WPvP.

Hi Gobb!

Good to see you again :slight_smile:

I support your post, Dear.