The Battle of Stonewatch [RP-PvP Event]

Smoke rises from the battered walls of Stonewatch Keep, a troubling sign to the beleaguered folk of Lakeshire. Much has already been lost here, and these ill omens speak of even more suffering to come.

Scouts sent out this morning report Horde forces are entering the region in numbers, their apparent aim to take Stonewatch Keep for themselves. Stormwind has been unable to send sufficient forces to counter this move. In response, Magistrate Solomon of Lakeshire has put out the call to all able-bodied soldiers in the land…

The Main Battle:

The Keepers of Stromgarde cordially invite all interested Alliance and Horde RP-PvP guilds to participate in “The Battle of Stonewatch”, an organized World PvP event to occur in Redridge Mountains on any agreeable day during the week of July 27th - 31st.

We highly encourage participants from both sides to bring their very best to this event. The battle will be equal parts:

  • Structured: There will be set objectives/timers with designated victory conditions, and

  • Free-For-All: A good old-fashioned bloody-handed melee.

Marshals for the event will be chosen by each faction from among the participating guilds, both to observe the event and to keep open lines of communication between factions.

Skirmish at Three Corners:

We would also love for each side to bring out their lower-level alts (sub 30) for a precursor event, in order to promote a little low to mid-level organized world PvP. Please contact us on our Discord, below, if you’d like to participate.

We welcome your creativity, positive attitude, and eagerness to make this a fun server-wide event. We’ve created a Discord server to help organize the fun, and everyone is invited to stop by and add to the discussion and our events list!

Discord Invitation:

Please join by using our invite code: ted5zqz (full links not allowed, it seems…)

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