The Battle of Lordaeron

Still annoys me a lot.

With Teldrassil you had the War of Thorns. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was the best WPVP I’d had in years as the net gun finally ending the invulnerability of flying mounts. I really did feel like I was slowly beating back the Alliance but they were putting up a fierce resistance that made every inch feel like a challenge.

Hell I was hoping I’d have to fight in Teldrassil to secure it, as I still thought it’s destruction would be interesting and not extraordinarily dumb.

But then you hop into Lordaeron and, my feeling was immense disappointment. It was a tutorial for new players to BFA more than anything else. There was no PvP and with the lack of Alliance players I didn’t feel like I was really fighting the Alliance. Just NPCS that couldve been anything else.

The enemy is at the gates when you arrive. Theyve bulldozed some of my most beloved areas in the whole game and I had no chance to resist this. Then the entire Undercity explodes with Blight. And honestly I didn’t mind that I’d rather sink her then let her fall into Blue hands.

But it’s all so sudden, and the Forsaken never really get any story moment about that. The Kaldorei suffered worse casualties, and the Forsaken aren’t leaving behind any conventional orphans, so it’s not framed as tragic.

But presumably Orgrimmar had a ‘Night Of The Living Refugees’ moment on par with Elegy. Just most of the population of a Necropolis dumped into the city overnight. Did they fill every additional room and spill out all the way to Razor Hill?

I’ve no idea you just see a bunch of homeless Forsaken wandering around, just making due with the Cleft in lieu of an Apothecarium and sitting around campfires for some reason.

It’s disappointment should’ve been a warning bell but damnit if I wasn’t razzle dazzled by Dazar’Alor, and continue to be. .

Now that BFA is over, and Shadow’s Rising (which I did really enjoy btw) came and went, and there doesn’t seem to be anything about them moving forward, I guess I feel the Forsaken has a very apt name.

I’m likely going to enjoy Shadowlands. I don’t see a universe where I don’t at least enjoy the scenery of Maldraxxus and Revendreth happening. But, well I guess I hope SL surprises me. I’ve heard a lot about the Kaldorei plot threads getting addressed and, I’m kinda just hoping the Forsaken get some answers in 9.2 or somethinh.

Wrath really, severely disappointed me storywise because Arthas was the biggest villain the Forsaken had, and their role in his destruction was non existent.

The only character more relevant than Arthas to the Forsaken’s story is Slyvanas. I’m going to be speechless if the Forsaken are a bit player in her conclusion, and not in a fun way. I still have hope but, not a lot.


Is there any surprise how disappointing the entire scenario really was? Its old news now, but the whole battle for Lordaeran was just a cinematic waste of time. Where the Horde claim victory, while the Alliance get their victory torn out of their hands. BFA was just a slog for Alliance.


And Teldrassil was a victory for the Horde?

I still don’t get what you see in that guiltfest. (Granted, I didn’t actually play it.)

I, elaborated why I enjoyed it in this post…

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I should say that I don’t get why those things outweighed the awfulness of the story.


I feel the forsaken will be lucky to get a footnote in shadow lands, or if they get attention, it will be the wrong kind.

That said, I’d like to see forsaken do a kill steal on Sylvanas where they port her out to some obscure location where she must face a conclave of the collective Will of the Forsaken for her betrayal. A kind of Apothacary Putress moment without all the collateral damage that caused. Put the forsaken back on the map as a faction.


Because everything but it’s ending was really fun and interesting. You’ve never enjoyed most of a movie or book before but felt like it fell apart at the end?

Given that the Horde dealt a major blow to the Alliance, and it always comes down to the Horde breaking apart to near civil war… yeah.

Darnassus is:

  1. An enemy nation to the Horde that kept them from accessing resources within Ashenvale.
  2. An obstacle to the Horde’s progress.
  3. A long-time enemy to the Orcs personally.

The Horde didn’t go into Darkshore with the original intent to destroy it. But its destruction is still a Horde victory by all accounts. Just because you might not have taken said route, it still ended in your favor until the Horde began to splinter again.


As an Alliance player, I liked the War of Thorns at the time. In retrospect, I hate it, for the obvious reasons, but at the time… I dug it. It made me want to fight the Horde! The night elves put up a valiant defense, and the Horde seemed like good villains antagonists from my perspective.

Of course, we knew going in that Teldrassil would be loss. I can’t remember if we knew that about Undercity.

To Benedikt’s point, at least Teldrassil got some follow up, and will get more in Shadowlands. I hadn’t thought too much about the Forsaken. You’d think that Blizzard wouldn’t uh… You know, forget them, in another Sylvanas-centered expansion. They don’t look like they’re getting a spotlight in 9.0, but there’s three more patches!

Right? I mean, Blizzard wouldn’t destroy an entire race and then offer little to no resolution around them?



Actually, as an afterthought, the Forsaken did get follow-up.

Calia :grin:

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Horde players were forced to be complicit in a massacre that went down in a cutscene. Not sure who thought that was a ‘win’.


So, tell me. If the Horde just kicked the elves out of Darnassus and Darkshore. You’d be happy with the results? If you killed a ton of elves, claimed a bunch of territory, but didn’t need to worry about people dying… you’d be cool with it?


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Taking a fortesss armed by enemy soldiers and bombing an already surrendered population center isnt exactly the same feel.

D-Day gets lionized while the Dresden Firebombings don’t for a reason.

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You’re not answering the question. Displacing a people from their homeland after leading a war party through all their territory isn’t as grand just because they surrendered. You still condemn them and we both know the Horde ain’t bleeding hearts.

I still don’t see any efforts to try and mend the divide. While the Alliance is more than happy to try and aid.


I really would have preferred a story with the Alliance attack up towards Lordearon over a few weeks on content with different quests rather than fighting through Ashenvale/darkshore.

Would have made more sense story wise considering all the Horde achieved was blowing up teldrassil

Best way to put the Horde’s general mindset on the Burning of Darnassus.

“I don’t wanna kill them. I just want to take everything from them.”

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So the Forsaken should also get an apology then? I’m confused what your logic here is.

The whole situation with Lordaeran was a retort for destroying Darnassus. Doesn’t make it okay, but the Alliance only attack because the Horde destroyed Darnassus, murdered thousands of Gilneans and Night Elves, and for a brief time. Controlled All the Kaldorei territory.


Alright but you suggested that behavior was as reprehensible as a genocide, or at least in the ball park.

You just said Darnassus didn’t make it right. The Forsaken were displaced. The only reason the Alliance couldn’t conquer it was because it was made uninhabitable.

Isn’t that a win for the Alliance then?