The axe again

I hope i get it next week. Saw 3 drop on heroic tonight. Anyone else not get it yet this week?

Don’t worry I’m in your boat.


Good luck friend!
(I heard a lot of players got it this time, so it definitely brings good tidings).

I would hope you do, it seems like they really buffed the chances this week so I would assume most will see it next week.

Thanks guys. Im still optimistic about it. Ill only be really frustrated if the new season drops and i dont have it on my main. Good luck to all :smiley:

Still Nada on all 4 of my eligible characters.

Though, I have not run them through this week as yet.

I’ll probably get it the last week before a new patch arrives to not be able to enjoy it outside collecting the mog.

For that reason I hope they give some sort of upgrade item for us and the dragons for S4. People getting it now have like 1-2 months of using it.

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I can say with confidence they’ll boost the item level of it in season 4. You’ll be able to enjoy it the entire season then.

That’s something at least. I’ll take it!

Just hope you’re right! Is that what happened with the Evoker one?

I want to yes without looking maybe someone can confirm it.

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WoWhead info is a bit dated dang it…

I’ll do some better research once I’m home. Hopefully someone in my guild knows.