The aug/healer/x comp abuse is getting out of hand

im not sure if its from the end of season being near and people are doing whatever they can to push glad, but all i primarily fight is this comp, and then maybe some form of wizard cleave.

i am not a r1 capable player, after glad wins i like qing whatever and playing just for fun, but there’s 0 fun when you are facing aug comps. literal degenerate low effort matches that shouldn’t exist.


aughealergodx called it new comp name

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Yea getting globalled against this comp is no fun. Nerf Aug

I’m not good at this game but as ele, Aug is whatever.

Can purge molted blood/scales.
Spamming roots dunks on evokers in general
ranged interrupts on eruption hamper their momentum.
Tremor for sleep walks
They can only dispel 1/4 hexes
Upheaval can be grounded

I know this post doesn’t help

100%… these comps are awful. Just as awful as fdk/devo teams.

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And this week is mugubala week, I hate facing aug comps on mugubala.

Solution is to just not let aug queue with healers

I don’t know that there’s any amount of tuning that will make this subspec functional without being completely gamebreaking


That’s a pretty decent idea but as long as it’s classified as a DPS idk if Blizz will ever do it

I think a lot of people get caught up in these ideas that there’s red lines

blizzard can do literally anything it wants to
it intentionally made prot paladin horrible
yet some moron will quote and say “blizzard would never alienate a segment of its player base arbitrarily :nerd_face:

there’s very little reason for them NOT to slap yellow tape all around augmentation

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They’ve already cooked up unique classifications for stuff like protection paladin in the context of shuffle, and as we’ve seen with tanks they have no issues gutting things to 10-25% lower stats than they should be to be viable.

Anything is possible, and there’s a very decent chance they kneecap aug. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Well, except outright disabling a spec because that’s just silly.

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Tries queueing 3s:
:grin: :Oh boy! Can’t wait to have some fun in wow pvp!!
Game 1: Lose on mana vs boomy ele mw 9 minutes in

queues another game:
Lose on mana vs a backpeddling career high 1800 aug ret hpriest 8 minutes into the game

queues another game
Loses to mana 10 minutes in vs a fire rmp blinking backwards on maldraxus coliseum

logs off

Games trash even solo shuffle is better gameplay than ladder 3s rn


So true, bestie. :dracthyr_heart:

nah they removed the healer and the other dps and they just play 3augs now

They would never add a true bard to wow because of their playerbase. Ancient Everquest players would eat up a spec that did no damage but buffed others.

Said it before they’ll keep tuning Aug towards dps and keep vestiges of it buffing others like the versa Amp on empowers.

End Game Aug will just be spriest with scales

Its not about them buffing others its the fact they make their teammates immortal

If they were just dev evokers taht gave their teammates damage boosts no1 would care

Charming your enemy in Freeport arena and then forcing them to go attack Freeport guards, die, and actually lose XP. Those were the days :joy:

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