The army of Zandalar

Remember the time you threw a tantrum over a dragon in a video game being trans?

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Not really , I mean I cant remember something that didnt happen . But i do remember you throwing a tantrum over me asking a simple question in regard to whether said dragon could be trans or if she was genderfluid.

I mean, we’ve had a Void Dragon mount, let’s bring on the Void raptors!

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I’m so glad you are finally using her correct pronouns.

I’m not actually proud of you, nor will I give you a cookie, it’s just the most basic thing you could do is to honor someone’s pronouns.

But i’m just waiting for the next time you question my gender because I’m not being submissive enough… because that was fun.

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Man the bitterness still burns huh? Apply cold water to burned area.

Never seen Grandblade say that and wouldnt be surprised if he did. You are doing an excellent job at presenting yourself here.

I dont see how what he mention is any true. You both enjoy Gaslighting to the extent I would recommend getting a hobby.

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Please tell me when you are done editing your posts so i can reply :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit more socially acceptable to be transphobic on the forums, than outright racist, or homophobic, it seems.

Thankfully noone here is being any of that. So i dont see a reason for that reply.

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Finninbas gets away with being all of those things all the time. It’s getting annoying that he hasn’t been banned for it yet.

I am so glad I figured out how to ignore people with hidden profiles. they really should not have removed the option while watching a hidden accounts activity. For anyone that wants the solution.

I’m sorry to here that, if it’s true.

Good god I was gone for one night, when do you people sleep?

Nightborne are certainly a decent point of strength for the Horde, but it’s unclear as to their level of… cohesion since the end of 7.1 Even just getting rid of the Legion loyalists and the Elisande loyalists would be a huge undertaking, to say nothing of the societal reforms that would have likely followed.

On the other hand, they now have no real weaknesses since the Nightwell is gone, and hold the controlling interest in Broken Isles, including a port that’s pretty darn close (relatively) to the Eastern Kingdoms. And their lands are decently resource heavy, much like Zandalar.

The, ‘whispers of the Void driving them insane,’ is treated much the same way Worgen rage or Blood Elf magic addiction has been treated in the past. That is to say, its there… never really acknowledged, but its there.

The only time we really saw Void Elves struggling with the whispers was that one team of them in Island Expeditions.

Otherwise, Alleria and Umbric have been in full command all the time. One could make an argument for the Visions of Stormwind where they all became N’Zoth’s minions, but they weren’t the only ones serving either, so its hard to say succumbing to the Void is a unique danger for them under the right circumstances.

As I said earlier, they’re a terrible race in terms of how they were written in. The Void was once a taboo power that had corrupted Dragons, Gods, and Titans alike, but this group of former Blood Elves mastered it over a weekend.

It was a half-baked idea in order to give the Alliance playable High Elves without calling them High Elves. But now, especially with the upcoming hair color changes, they’re literally High Elves in all but name. I think things would’ve gone a lot smoother in the long run if Blizz had just bit the bullet, united all the Alliance High Elves into a single new nation, and made those playable. At least then the High Elf stans would’ve been appeased entirely, and we could’ve avoided the lore abomination that is the Void Elves.


Not only that, but if Blizzard had really wanted to add Void Elves so badly, they could’ve come as additional customizations.

Imagine for a moment that High Elves had become the Allied Race the Alliance received, but they still wanted to expand on Alleria’s storyline of using the Void, so she begins training an elite squad of handpicked individuals who have all of the necessary aptitude to master the Void. We then saw these individuals being fielded during BFA’s war campaign in much the way we see the Void Elves currently.

I think there would’ve been genuine excitement to be getting those customizations, because at that point, the Void Elves would’ve been made a part of the setting, giving us an idea of what they can do, of who they are. It wouldn’t have been a matter of them mastering the Void in a weekend, but studying and honing their powers over the course of the war, forged through blood and death, with these individuals being so few in number because scarce few can walk the path Alleria walked before them.

It’d also have helped that we didn’t have Lor’themar yet again solving his problems with exiling a portion of his population which is supposed to be all but extinct to begin with.

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Void elves are filthy traitors. Just like Alleria and Vereesa. They chose their human husband over their country. The real thalassian elves are the blood elves who still respect the ancient heritage of their culture. I am proud to call myself Sin’dorei who is part of the Horde. Best choice our leaders ever made. If only Kael’thas was still here to see it all in frution and not that Jaina loving fool Lor’themar “Bob” Theron.

Hey, 100% in agreement here. We’re traitors to Quel’Thalas, and proud.

Poor man. Still in the closet. You know you want to be Alliance. You want our lands, our cities, etc…

Didn’t Kael have a crush on Jaina?

let me quote him directly here: “You may not care for your subjects, but I care for mine. I have lost far, far too much in dealing with humans(like Jaina). I stand only for the elves now - for the sin’dorei. The children of the blood.”

That is what war is for. We will take everything from you and you won’t be able to stop it.

Human loving filth. I hope the void destroys all of you.

Check the scoreboard, mate.

Horde - 1
Alliance - 2
Scourge - 1

That’s only reserved for our enemies.

Death itself answers the will of Sylvanas. Once she controls it properly she will destroy the Alliance like she promised it to us. There is no hiding. You will all die.

scoring what? How do you make up these numbers? What is your source for this?