The army of Zandalar

Poorly written and a mistake from a bigger narrative perspective, sure. Overrated? Not really.

The Void Elves could do some serious harm if they ever let loose. Their quests throughout BFA made it clear they were holding back, trying to minimize casualties, going for specific targets rather than slaughtering huge swathes of foes. Their goal was to break the morale of their foes, deprive them of vital information, and break the chain of command to keep them disorganized.

For the lore nightmare that they are, the Void Elves were still effective at everything they did. The Horde should be breathing down Lor’themar’s neck for having removed them to begin with. The sheer amount of damage the Void Elves have done to the Horde during the Fourth War was tremendous. I imagine the only saving grace, the only reason Lor’themar hasn’t been held to account for banishing such a devastating military asset, is that there are so few of them that the Horde in general has underestimated them.

Which suits the Void Elves just fine.


Eh, I feel your over selling the void elves here. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge them as an Alliance asset but not to the point of the rest of the Horde getting mad at Lor’themar and Rommath for exiling them.

As a Horde player the only time I’ve ever felt their presence was in the Assault of Zuldazar, where they pissed off Gonk by infusing raptors with the void and he demanded some heads.

Side note: I want a void raptor mount.

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I mean we did see a vision of Alleria managing to kill an old god all her own. So void elves themselves could theoretically be very dangerous to their enemies and allies alike. Of course did have a head start of 500 or so years on them so who knows.

You strike me as someone who blames me when you don’t have any milk in the morning for your cereal. Flattering.

You still got owned by Erevien.


You have a very broad definition of owned, you mouthbreathing terf.

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Look Clownblade I am gonna miss you too buddy. But on the good side of everything. I too am playing on “Pepsi” and on ff14. So we will be enjoying each others company for years to come.


No we won’t.

You guys are really bad at dealing with Erevien threads. All you need to do is reply to his topic seriously, or with change the topic to cooking recipes. All any of you are accomplishing right now is making him giggle like a schoolgirl.

Is that what you want?

Giggling Erevien?

To be honest I feel something like 90% of you need to take a break from this forum and come back when you actually want to discuss lore again. I realize the last three years have mentally broken a lot of us when it comes to story but come on, keep some dignity. All of you look erratic as hell.

Not me though, I’m totally sane. The voices told me so.

Edit: Also, if this is the result of some sort of Tumblr or Twitter slapfight spilling over here I upgrade my ‘you guys need a break’ to ‘get the hell out’ because nobody needs that sort of whackiness here. Anyone bringing Twitter beef to the Story Forums of all places I have to assume has a brain so smooth it rattles around in their skull like a ball bearing.


I’m conflicted on that vision, since I don’t know if its a legitimate possibility or something the void merely showed Alleria in order to tempt her into giving into giving in and becoming their puppet.

And now I wonder… If the voices call you crazy or insane… what level of madness is that called?

Self-deprecating insanity.


The Horde has the nightborne. So we are doing fine. Now If Blizzard would give us undead elves customization that would be extra nice. Imagine the butthurt high elves fans who would see going their fav thing going team red for a seconds time. I long for it.

Horde might have nightborne, but their face time compared to void elves has been pretty slim. Having said that you do get to collect the heads of several void elves, so their numerical insignificance is aggravated to a degree.

Right, the people led by, “That’s Jaina Proudmoore. Oh crap! Run!”

The Nightborne are a known quantity. The Alliance helped them as much as the Horde did. We understand how they operate, their technology, their magic, etc… By comparison? The Void Elves are an unknown, unpredictable element.

Thus you now see the subtle effectiveness of the Void Elves. You never really felt their presence for the longest time, but that didn’t stop them from wreaking damage on the Horde without ever getting on the radar of the strongest members of the Horde.

Why not? Bring on the Void Raptors, Blizzard!

The Stormwind Extraction was meant to be a covert operation to extract Saurfang and then Talanji from the heart of the Alliance capital. Fighting Jaina in the heart of Alliance territory wouldn’t be wise, and as we know of Thalyssra from the liberation of Suramar, she is nothing if not wise. :sunglasses:

“Subtle effectiveness,” is that what we’re calling not being relevant in any major stories? The Void Elves get featured in what amounts to an inconsequential world quest, and suddenly they’re mastermind tacticians? Don’t make me laugh.

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I’m pretty sure the High Elf fans are just fine getting High Elves finally. The only ones I’ve seen butthurt are Blood Elf players like you about the same thing you think they’d complain about.

They have their thing, I doubt they’d care if you got your thing.

In fact, isn’t this you, punkin?

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They play a more involved role in the Alliance’s War Campaign.

For example, sending Horde Emissaries on one-way trips to the Void to deprive the Zandalari of vital information about the Alliance.

False flag operations to sabotage Horde and Zandalari efforts without them suspecting the Alliance being behind it.

Removal of machinery to deprive the Horde of resources.

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I would agree that void elves make fearsome enemies, but as allies they are kind of a double-edged sword as well. Their usefulness is highly dependant on the ability to control the void, which, I’d assume, becomes harder the more they use its powers.
Besides, as has already been mentioned, many died in the last war and their numbers were already low.

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Is it any different then many of the current members of the Alliance? Worgens, demon hunters, warlocks and death knight are on the “dangerous but too useful to refuse” list of our allies.

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