The Aqir and Elementals are the original inhabitants of Azeroth, Trolls must return their land

All lands STOLEN and COLONIZED by Tr*lls MUST be returned to their Aqir and Elemental rightful owners, they were here first and if Blizzard doesn’t write this into the game clear where their biases lie.


I can’t believe the trolls would do this! Clearly they all must pay for things their ancestors did!


So, we just got a strongly worded fax from the Gnolls.

Guys….I hate to say this, but they want their lands back too.


They don’t want you to know!

I see what you did there.


I’m deadly serious, my hands are literally shaking with rage at how Blizzard has shown the brutal oppression of Elementals and Aqiri as a somehow a good thing?!? Typical of them.


This thread can only go to positive places.

Positively infected, buuuut…


I can only recall the conflict with the Sand Trolls. :robot::thought_balloon:




Yep, I think we all know what a tr*ll shaman really is.
A slave owner.


I mean, why shouldn’t we give rights to the Aqir and their descendans?

The Nerubians and Mantid are descendants of the ancient Aqir, and both of them are clearly advanced civilizations of races that are equally-intelligent as your average human or elf.

We are literally going to an entire Nerubian empire for TWW. We have seen what they are capable of building, vast and sprawling cities, magnificent civilizations that threatened even the Lich King himself, with an established and ordered caste system.

Xal’atath stated that the ancient civilization of Ny’alotha dwarfed even Suramar.

If the Amani deserve rights, so do the Nerubians. Can anyone tell me why Nerubians shouldn’t have the same rights as trolls? They even rejected the worship of the Old Gods.

So Yeah, kick the Amani colonizers and restore Lordaeron to its rightful Aqir/Nerubian inhabitants.

“OOOO BUT THEY ARE UGLY INSECTS!!! UGLY!!!” That’s racist. Also, Trolls are ugly too. :slight_smile:


Exactly, anti Aqiri and anti Elemental sentiments are rooted in racism.

Xal’atath in Legion

Do not be impressed by tall icons of the titans which stand here. The towers of sacrifice in Ny’alotha dwarf these pathetic temples.

This city of the elves pales in comparison to the sleeping city…

The Black Empire was apparently even more magnificent and glorious than Ancient Suramar and the Titanforged structures.

Kick the Amani colonizers out of Lordaeron, it is Aqir/Nerubian/Mantid land. I am so sick and tired of the Amani colonizers stealing away ancestral Black Empire land.

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The Aqiri were created by the Old Gods.

The original inhabitants of Azeroth are the elementals.

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That’s why I said Aqiri and Elementals, but Aqiri still have a better claim on Quel’thalas than the Amani do.

On a more serious note though, at least for the Nerubians, they did shed off the leashes off their old god masters and do have a series of sprawling cities all over azeroth that really do get under appreciated most of the time

Not to mention they’re highly intelligent and aren’t afraid to make alliances, even temporary ones as seen in Wrath, with other races when it suites their needs.

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To take a meme flame war thread seriously, with how sympathetic the Kaheti Nerubians are and the hints that A. the Titans are shadier than they let on B. the Keepers censored the less evil parts of the Black Empire, I do think we’re heading for a very different historical narrative about the fall of the Aqir.

I very much suspect we’re going to get the Nerubian histories of the coming of the Titans, which will be something along the lines of “and then endless armies of emotionless robot soldiers slaughtered our ancestors down to crying hatchlings”.


In fairness, the nerubians’ former gods are just as bad (if not worse) as the Titans.

I think the ultimate moral for everyone is “zealously and violently worshipping extraplanar beings that don’t care about your existence is pretty dumb”, whether you’re a nerubian, troll, dwarf, or normal.


What I’m hearing here is that Teldrassil was a good thing since there’s less troll descendants running around.

Everyone knows that trolls really came from elementals, but the government hushed it up.

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