The AQ War Effort is Underway!

Scarab Lord, as interesting as it would be, simply is not viable for someone who works 10 hour days all week. :frowning: Unfortunate. Good luck to those who go for it!


yeah and Blizzard has even went the extra mile to ensure the gates wont be a fair event because if too many players are in the area the game will start kicking people from the region automatically

Aaaaand it’s over.


They did this in Vanilla, except manually.

So our silithus stuff didnt update on restart, no quests available for us (bigglesworth)

We checked this and it looks like everything in Silithus has been operating as expected on Bigglesworth.


which as you can probably deduce, is far less griefable than auto-kicks.

Questie has not been updated to reflect the PH5 quests and war efforts. The only change in Silithus is the scepter start quest, which is an NPC next to the inn. If you’re looking for war effort turnins, those are in one of your major cities. Alliance is in IF.

Might be referring to the AQ chain starter. On Pagle people are killing him. :rofl:

Whomever can take off of real life for the next two week.s

Because the change was to how enchanting worked relative to ilvl and quality. Why wouldn’t they behave as advertised with the change in patch?

Phew… well, that was an exciting race to follow.

Naxx when?


Nexus crystals were up on our AH for 40g.

Pro tip: do not buy them for anything more than 10g. They’re going to be cheaper than large brilliant shards. The supply will massively exceed the demand after a few weeks of raiding.

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On Kargath in Vanilla, George opened it 3 times, because the server kept crashing during the event. Probably had something to do with the entire server population in Silithus at the time…

Anyone know why the Windcaller Kaldon didn’t spawn? He starts the quest for the field duty papers. Is that suppose to come out today?

Same issue on Grobbulus. We’re missing all the badge quests. No logistics, tactical, or combat badge quests are available. Do these not open up until after the gates open?

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I wouldn’t think so and nothing i’ve researched has said that. Anyone with info on this?

Players are having an easy time griefing the Scepter starting NPC lol Feelsbad for those guys.

You mean what guild is playing opposite faction on a second account and killing everyone trying to farm carapace on your server so they can craft all the scepters and deny everyone else?


Remove layers. killing all the fun

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