The amount of spell interrupts a single class has is absolutely insane (DK)

What in the world has happened to this game

only good stuff

i feel like a yoyo when im fighting a dk and its actually jarring lmao


They just shouldnt have 2 grips.

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trade you one grip for unnerfed ds

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Its complete bonkers that my char can be gripped THREE TIMES where is the Fing DR??

Have you played against a blood dk in a rated bg yet? Whoever designed them needs to immediately resign and then they need to revert the changes. They keep you at an almost stand still, and just pull you away from the fight the entire time. I can’t believe they were allowed to go live like this, and then stay like this…bonkers.

There’s a ton of gaslighting going on right now, but the fact it that ever since the WoD un/prunings, especially Legion’s, there’s been a growing disparity in the favour of non-casters - so melee and hunters. I’d even go as far as to say ALL instant abilities are too powerful and all casts are too weak… In other words, casting TIME in PvP is punished instead of rewarded for being pulled off. but the crux of the problem is that melee have too much mobility for their lack of ramp up damage requirements, and they also have too much utility. We’ve been seeing this with Ret Paladins in 10.1.5, and now to a lesser extent with DH in the past 2 weeks. Every “Rework” - which should just be rebranded as “revitalization Uber-buff to promote imbalance and beef up player numbers for a week cuz easier to crush and climb on X spec” - caused their target spec to be absurdly broken. It’s actually beyond me how Lizz Devs let these crazy shenanigans make it to the live game, let alone into the rated PvP scene. The Feral Druid swarm / surgescaling bug yesterday was really a new low, but at least it was fixed relatively quickly…

But I agree, as always. Too much damage and micro CC. The main CC nerfs were stupid, and the fact they were implemented all of a sudden after 9 expansions indicates issues with Damage, NOT CC. It was like installing larger wheels because your boat wouldn’t sail as smoothly as you’d like it to… or some other utterly terrible metaphor like that, because it was terribly misguided. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth, the FoTM feeders can troll all they like but they can’t change reality - that these power swings have become utterly ridicolous, but the underlying issue is easy damage saturation and not enough freedom for casters and healers. That doesn’t mean melee shouldn’t hit hard, but if they do, they shouldn’t be able to stick onto you 24/7 without repercussions. Double melee with a healer are impossible to peel now, nor is it possible to compete with its raw damage.

I think that BfA was actually better than DF because it had less abilities that were easier to balance and read cohesive toolkits from, and different mechanics promoted skillful usage which barely matters now because of how much damage and stuff there is, and the game is just too fast now, it’s a ‘zoomfast’, even a zoomer fest in some regard. Sometimes adding too much stuff takes away from what was before… but that’s just my opinion.


I got hit by two 450k chaos bolts

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Nothing should hit that hard. But still, the lock getting these chaos bolts out is still technically slower buildup and release than two melees clubbing you for 120k+ DPS each with 400k oopsie-oneshot crits scaled for a raid boss. Moreover, you can line bolts…

At this point, the easiest fix in the world is to make vers a 1/.75 stat, proper bandaid to at least to alleviate some of the pressure. Maybe just for healers, or something else, a shield aura when the healer is stunned on DR, idk.
Literally anything will do at this point. Get the healers queueing, and stop double-same-archetype misery by reducing slows perhaps. Boomkin and Mage have better slows now than in the previous few expansions. I ask again - WHY were these needed to be added to the toolkit? It’s not like they save anyone anyway. Why was precog necessary to add? Because casters can barely cast with a half decent melee on them. Almost every spec can be everywhere it wants with less risk than I can ever recall, and I’ve been following and engaging with the PvP sphere since 2011. If you don’t wanna reduce instant damage, we should just fix the mobility/utility mechanical oversaturation, as it reduced the skill and thought associated with WoW PvP since its inception. :robot:

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I think the crazy amount of cc/interrupts are also to blame for alot of issues. Healers no longer need to cast anything. Everything is either instant or an instant proc and for some reason Blizzard is promoting button mashing harder than ever instead of having to rely on making plays, using your environment, cross ccing, peeling, etc.

He had to stand still and cast them, while getting train rolled by probably two melee dps, who are surely doing more damage per second than the warlocks two chaos bolts

DK are anti mage :woman_shrugging:t5:

Like hunters are anti stealth (and are quite horrible at it🤷🏾‍♀️)

Death grip is completely busted in its current state

Death Grip should have 1 charge. Strangulate/Asphyxiate should be mutually exclusive, like they used to be. Icebound Fortitude should have to be precast to immune stuns, rather than remove them.

Oh and their total damage should be reduced by like 30% because it’s insane just like DH.

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