The Alliance Raids on Felwood, UC, and Org a few days ago were because of me

Yeah, that was my doing. I was trying to get my Timbermaw Rep and 3 horde 60s killed me then camped me a few times.

I called the Calvary.
In 20 minutes I had I believe 20 people from 3 different guilds in Felwood. We killed any horde we saw got me my rep then went to hang out in the Undercity courtyard. No one would challenge us. So we fought our way to a zepplin and went to Org. Then all the horde wised up. We were about to walk into y’alls main hub. And you all nearly let us. Awesome fight insues followed by standoff infront of the city. If you were there as a goes player. Well fought. And Loktar Ogar.

The group of us just got back from raiding to find you at the gates of Org. We let you all rez a few times to keep it fair. Come back anytime. Go with honor, friend.