The Alliance is to perfect

(Lunnaya) #1

I love the Alliance, i really do, but sometimes I think the Alliance is to perfect.

Yes we are given the typical perfect faction vibe, but when does perfect hit the boringly to perfect mark?

I mean besides the Anduin and the Night elf conflict, our conflicts are resolved in 5 minutes. Not enough to build a story or get players excited.

And Blizz wants everyone to believe that the Alliance as a whole agrees with Anduin, and that’s boring tbh.

We hit the boringly to perfect mark tbh.

There’s no actual conflicts, everyone likes Anduin as king, and everyone agrees with the faction’s actions.

I’m not saying to start a war with each other, but saying let us have conflicts that expand rather than it being resolved quickly.

Also by doing this, we can get Alliance player choice.

Like for example, we could have chose between Tyrande or Anduin to be our desired leader, we as a character follow

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Hi Lunnaya

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Ello :slight_smile:

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Sounds a bit demoralizing… story-wise we didn’t even get much justice for the tree and we’re going to start fighting each other too?

The case about Anduin is that, although everyone likes him I argue other leaders don’t recognize his authority. Genn Attacked Sylvannas in Legion, and recently Tyrande withdrew from the campaign even if anduin said he would help liberate Darkshore later.

(Rhielle) #5

Not sure how we’re perfect. We murder people when they’re already down, we made slaves out of the orcs once upon a time, too. There are many places where we’ve definitely not been perfect.

(Kypookins) #6

As the Horde is to “imperfect.”

I finished it!

Tyrande is kind of going crazy, though. Plus, I’m angry at her that my Night Elf alts can’t do her psycho appearance; They are not yet level 120 =/

(Nagurum) #7

Yessss… give in to your hate! The humans didn’t aid you. You weren’t worth a single naval vessel to them, even the one that visits your harbor every ten minutes.

(Abusivé) #8

I just dont understand why do the Humans run the show like all the time. Can’t the Night elves or Worgens or even the Dwarfs run the Alliance for a change?

(Lunnaya) #9

SW humans are jerks. They threw food at me


Yes but they let you live on their street tho,
Where else you wanna sleep? Orgrimmar?

(Lunnaya) #11

I don’t sleep

(Drougen) #12

Yup, which is why horde players just laugh when you call us evil. :smirk:

(Pänic) #13

I play both factions and my perspective on the Alliance is that there’s just not enough development.

With the latest patch that hit, we got a portion of the war campaign until we hit ‘Wait for the Battle of Dazar’alor’. Cool… so much fun.

While the Horde got the war campaign and the Saurfang flavor quests.

Would have been cool if the Alliance received something similar. Doesn’t necessarily have to include a decision like the Horde but it could have just been a straight forward questline that fleshed out some characters like Jaina and Greymane some more.

The reason I said it doesn’t have to include a decision because I don’t want it to feel forced. I’m ok with being a stable faction (speaking of my Alliance toon and the Alliance) but I’d like to see some more development on the Alliance side.

For example, as Horde, we salvaged and rose Marshal Valentine while securing Derek Proudmoore’s corpse for future use. The Horde sent in Marshal Valentine to inform the Proudmoore’s that the Horde has possession of Derek’s body to get the Alliance to attack Plunder Harbor while we stole the Abyssal scepter.

Anyway, on my Alliance toon, I would have liked to get some quests to attempt to retrieve the body and fail (to stay in line with the story) then see how they’re dealing with it.

Also, where’s Greymane? Last I saw of him, he followed Tyrande out to darkshore when she petitioned for Anduin’s aid. Now, the only reminder that he’s still in the expansion comes from some of the incursions when you enter the zone.

Non sequitur: I dislike Greymane’s new voice actor. I liked the gruffness in the old actor’s voice. I felt it was much more appropriate for Greymane.

(Lunnaya) #14

We haven’t done anything not that perfect in a WHILE

(Kypookins) #15

I forgot about this, since that was way back in WOTLK.

It startled me, when I busted this character out again on 'Pre Order Boost Day", in Legion.

“You monster!”

But they were talking about another DK.

(Lunnaya) #16

Well tbh Sylvanas is pretty much evil and some forsaken are as well.


Idk about that , horde campaign was like this :slight_smile:

  1. Take the scepter and then Alliance take it again and use it against the horde - Horde campaign without any point .


  1. Another horde chapter is : find derek proudmore and use it against them , SPOILER AHEAD: baine give him to jaina . Another chapter of the campaign of the horde for nothing .

I think Alliance campaign is in fact better because you have your own line and horde one .

(Rhielle) #18

Really? Because I just killed a bunch of Horde soldiers while they were already wounded and down on the ground. Also killed an entire boat full of people instead of capturing them.

(Drougen) #19

In the alliance’s opinion. :roll_eyes:

(Yanu) #20

You overestimate Tyrande’s popularity