The Alliance High Elite Loyal Fans thread

(Alamara) #269

Exactly. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a facade.


The Alliance races embody nobility, honor, strength, kinship.

Plus, we do have non-jellybean-colored elves, too. They are just busy somewhere.


Exactly, i am non-jellybean-collored elf, i’m just holding my breath for too long…


It’s like someone who talks constantly about how bad drinking is and how it should be banned, and yet in secret they do nothing but drink.

That’s how he comes across to me.

(Alamara) #272
That Steve Danuser interview made my void-sense tingle.

“The Void Elves’ leader, Magister Umbric, plays a prominent role during the Alliance War Campaign. Throughout the campaign, he is humble, helpful, and even offers to take the blame for a failed mission so the player isn’t inconvenienced. This manner is contrasted with the ways in which he helps, which includes creating void portals that dismantle and consume goblin mechs, or transforming the player biologically so they can infiltrate an enemy settlement. This is a way to show both the good and the bad of the Void Elves: They’re incredibly useful, but their utility comes with immense danger, and it’s stressed that they could snap at any time.”

He’s totally going to snap.

(Bourbonboxer) #273

But that would be good writing, so he wont.

(Alamara) #274

He will.

(Bourbonboxer) #275

No, because that would be obvious and foreshadowed. Its gonna be someone out of left field like Taelia or Flynn.

(Alamara) #276

Taelia will be queen of Stormwind in 9.0, after the timeskip.


She can end as Queen of Stormwind or as a Knight of the Ebon Blade in service of her father, the possibilities are many!

(Alamara) #278

The first I can see happening off-screen in a timeskip, the second I can only see happening if shown in an actual story.

(Hecatone) #283

Yikes. This gets more and more disproportionate as time goes on.

(Alamara) #285

In what sense?

(Hecatone) #286

Someone threatened to get people together on discord and ‘bomb’ the developers. Which I think may have been a hacking threat. looks like Blizzard took it down.

(Alamara) #287

Oh. Yeah, that’s very disproportionate.

(Drougen) #288

No alliance member has that, though…

But the alliance isn’t the right side…

(Hecatone) #289

Stargolosa was talking to them. You should ask Star, I didn’t entirely understand it.

(Starlagosa) #290

Have to wonder if any of the helfers reported it, or cared about it. No doubt the person responsible is still welcome on their discord.

(Hecatone) #291

I think that Discord is a huge problem.

(Starlagosa) #292

Most of them who are actually talking in general there claim they don’t even play the game anymore.

(Hecatone) #293

A while back they were following me to unrelated threads. I only use this character to talk about High Elves now. I’m very careful in what I reveal about myself on here. Especially now that I hear they’re keeping lists of us.

I think it’s just one of those online communities now, some of the members might rely on it for social interaction. They use relational aggression as a bonding mechanism. They’ve shut out any sort of feedback. People are pretty much just disagreeing with them.

How focused they are on this doesn’t make sense. It’s certainly not healthy.