The alliance doesn't forget

This cannot be repeated often enough.


It’s no trouble.

edit: Hopefully they don’t write the alliance to irrationally blame this horde for Teldrassil as Saurfang died and Sylvanas was overthrown-- basically i’m saying the horde are in the clear.

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This coming from Miss ‘‘Time to repay Azeroth by … supporting genocide and waging an all-out war against the very same people who helped me’’

I’m sorry but I can’t take anything Thalyssra says seriously.


And this is why I really hate BfA’s story with a passion. We didn’t need this retread of “Warchief goes stupid-evil, Horde is written/made to follow along, Horde beats up Alliance, Horde (with Alliance) beats up Horde, then the Warchief leaves and every other plot is forgotten while the players just have to hope that it’s actually resolved off-camera”.

It was painful enough the first time around. It makes every. single. faction. character. look like absolute morons the second time around.

The factions had a delicate balance before. Cata yanked the scales out of whack, but it was recoverable. BfA ripped the scale out, jumped on it several times, and threw the broken pieces into a slag pit. It went so far overboard that there’s no way to pull the faction stories back to the starting point, and for what? What did anyone gain out of this story? Who is actually happy because of the events in BfA?

It’s caused the horrible situation where there’s no good path forward. Either the post-BfA story tries to fix what it’s broken, agitating people who hate what BfA forced them to do and who want to just forget it ever happened; or the story tries to forget BfA, agitating the people who hate what BfA did and want it to get fixed. There’s no middle path - either one group is going to be upset or the other will be, because this story was just that bad.


They’re already trying to scale back Teldrassil in SL by having us save almost all the souls. Maybe Blizzard realized having the Horde commit genocide was an absolute boneheaded move. Probably not though, I doubt they have the capacity for that much self-reflection.


You are giving them too much credit. Those writers won’t realize, or learn anything.


And yet, even bringing them back to life won’t undo the fact that Blizzard decided to explicitly name the act of “genocide” in their game and decided to write a playable faction as being responsible.

All for the shock factor.

It was unnecessary, didn’t fit so many of the characters involved, and yet they wrote it. It’s there, and can’t be undone. That’s what disgusts me.


And they don’t regret it one bit. They said they were “happy with the way players on both sides experienced the story”.


Thalyssra has never backed genocide and the Nightborne were not present in the War of the Thorns.

This is really getting old. :yawning_face:


This is what bugs me the most. Like at least more than half of the Horde’s important characters, given their characterization, should have left the Horde right away and rebelled against her. NOT go along with her war for more than a year before deciding that MAYBE the genocidal banshee is evil.

She waged war against the Alliance after the fact, so she was on board. That simple.


"Time to repay Azeroth by … supporting genocide and waging an all-out war against the very same people who helped me’’

No one other than Sylvanas was on board for the burning of Teldrassil. The events that happened after was just tit for tat battles that Thalyssra and every other member of the Horde and Alliance participated in.

You’re so wrapped up in your head-canon that you resort to making these exaggerated claims conflating the motives of an ousted warchief to that of the entire Horde. :yawning_face:

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I’m sorry but adding a cutesy yawning emoji doesn’t change the fact that if you decide to fight for a faction/leader that committed genocide, you condone genocide. It’s pretty simple and it’s exactly why people are saying Blizzard having the Horde do what they did to Teldrassil was a terrible, terrible move.

As much as I don’t like him at least Saurfang had the backbone to not wait a year before realizing Sylvanas is insane and evil.


didnt saurfang sit in jail because he was sad for a while?


Yeah, he did. Still more backbone than the rest of them who just remained Sylvanas lapdogs.


Yeah they ruined Saurfang. Imagine how they could make half of the Horde players dislike him.

Meh, I don’t think so.


Story wise i don’t agree Anduin and Jaina clearly don’t blame all Horde. Even Tyrande only wants Sylvamas head.
Forum wise i don’t know you might have a point.

The Alliance can forget as soon as the writers choose to let them, just as quickly as the Horde can actually change as soon as the writers actually let them.


The reason he was in jail was that he spared Anduin and the reason he stayed was that there was nothing to fight for. That changed when Anduin opened the door, after that Saurfang knows that removing Sylvanas will stop the war.

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“When you have washed the bodies of a thousand kaldorei burned and broken, when you have fallen to your knees and kissed the feet of a thousand mourning souls, when you look into their eyes and tell them ‘our Horde has changed’ and they believe you, only then will I accept your apology and treat you as my equal.” Tyrande’s voice, edged as steel, pulled the air out of the clearing. “My brethren here may be willing to entertain your empty pledges of justice and aid, but I know better. I have learned better.”

I think that they covered this in the novel. :slight_smile:


Saurfang sat in a jail cell because he was broken.

He bought into Sylvanas’ stupid plan, spared lives, and watched as the occupation of Teldrassil plan went up in flames… Kind of literally.

He watched as the Horde went down the same dumb path the writers constantly make the Horde go down.

He was denied a warrior’s death which has been something that he’s been wishing for since the Third War, and instead suffered the humiliation of capture.

He got to watch peace die, yet again.

He was still dealing with the reflex that ended up saving Sylvanas, prolonging the war on top of going against his personal code of honor with striking someone in the back.

And, finally, it looked like the Horde his son died for was gone.

I wish people would stop saying “he did nothing because he was sad.” He did nothing because everyone has their limits and he had reached his. Saurfang refused to fight in another pointless war.