The Alliance Challenges the Horde to MORTAL KOMBAT!

Any Horde groups out there willing to take on the Alliance?

Please tell us where you would like to meet and we will instruct our side to go to the killing fields - let’s have some fun and sperg out!

Let us know where to meet!


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As long as you can guarantee that the horde group has a minimum 3:1 advantage… otherwise they aren’t interested :stuck_out_tongue:

Mojojojo, the Horde hears your call and would be happy to crush you in a fair PvP skirmish. Name the location and the number of players.

Silence… =(

Sorry about that guys - I was hoping for some responses sooner as I was also on vacation recently (just checked again)- Our guild is down to 1 day MC - so maybe we can get something going pvp-wise for our second raid day.

Respond to set something up! Tomorrow is prime.