<the afterparty> weekday raid almost disbands due to corrupt leadership

tldr; Guild drama

GM Durabull tries a hostile takeover of Weekday raid group and ends up losing most of his raid team. twitch.tv/videos/542595624

Cadopri (1/2 MT healer) deliberate sabotage of raid to emphasize the need for new MT: classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Y2Zdn4rM8vWLNX6R#boss=-2&difficulty=0&wipes=2&type=healing&target=37

Why spread lies about us tamil, you’re extremely childish. And BTW, im still investigating in Cadopri. Every single one of you held grudges towards one another and let that boil over without speaking to one another. Simply a fault of your own to give up on ur guild. Also FOUR people is tha majority of the raid?? GL Tam.

Hi! independent 3rd party here commenting on specifically this. While I can’t say for certain anything, I’m gleaning some possibilities from this log. Cadopri had the most dispels on fights where priests could dispel, including getting every single dominate mind on luci, which is largely a job for shamans. His healing is abysmal on fights, for sure, but his aggregate healing for trash too seems to imply that he’s, at the very least, trying. He’s also downranking his flash heal to rank 5 instead of rank 7, which shows me he’s trying to be more conservative on his mana. Maybe he was out of mana during fights due to buffing/dispelling/healing too much on trash, maybe he had internet issues, maybe he’s getting out heal sniped and is quick to cancel cast - there’s valid excuses for this performance. Did you try talking with him before splitting? Directly pointing this out in a non-hostile tone? You are right in that this is a problem, but I’m not convinced burning bridges like this so quickly was the right call.


The week before when Cadopri was actually healing MT: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/aTvP7rkW91dqYcgx#boss=-2&difficulty=0&wipes=2&type=healing&target=2

So one week he only healed you and only you cause the raid was going smooth. The next week hes healing multiple tanks cause everybodys taking too much dmg. One week hes the only one doing dispells and the week prior hes actually getting help. Yep seems like sabotage and not just having to burn mana due to lack of dispells in the raid. #ALIENS

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Hey Chunts,
There are healing assignments in a raid. Cadopri’s healing assignment throughout the raid was “only MT” healing.

BTW, same strategy in all fights between raid on 14-Jan and 21-Jan.

Here is an example from Golemagg: https://imgur.com/a/vJ5q15o

The story is way too long about last raid and honestly I appreciate all those who took a hard look at it and came away that it was a rough raid and I honestly did my best. Some even said “Ok he had a bad week” and we’re working together to make better decisions in the future. To take a “bad week” and come away with it calling for an officer demotion because of some hidden conspiracy theory is tin foil hat kind of stuff seriously.

it’s easy to say my healing assignment was “only MT” healing, when I have never once only healed the MT on any raid, ever, and it is a strange stance to take. I’ve never seen someone at 1% health and said “Welp let em die Tam’s at 80% and I can’t spare a flash heal”. We were underhealed/underpriest’d for the raid and didn’t attempt to change the healing assignments to compensate for the loss, which is a failing on my part.

On a side note, Weekday is just as strong as ever and continuing to fight to be the best of the best! If you’re on Ashkandi and are interested in raiding, hit me up! BWL’s doors are already trembling at the thought of opening!

This thread should have been titled the following:
Tank and raid leader get upset when vote to remove an officer does not go their way, then gquit and ninja the weekday raids gbank with all of their cores, hound leather, and 3000+ gold.

But I don’t post this crap for everyone to see, unlike Tam, who likes to trash everyone from the guild he raided with for months live on stream and use racial slurs against them. Toxic AF. Good riddance.

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Goes to dispel tab
7 dispels of mind control
Looks like he made sure people lived. As is his job, sir you are spreading misinformation in a malicious way. Let it go and move on sir.

Its funny that Tamil would try to tell someone else how to play a class properly, when he screamed at a mage and warlock to res him in winterspring after trying to solo elite demons himself. This guy has been a joke since joining and his poor mentality was reflected in his constant ignorant comments. I for one have been glad at this change within as it removes a toxic festering problem. Its almost gratifying that this has come to surface as I called that Tamil and his group would do this exact thing after the first few weeks of having them in guild. Nothing but little children circle jerking each others egos. Bye Felicia

^ “Disbanded” raid teams 2.5 hour full MC + Onyxia clear from last night, which includes some of our best parses and kill times to date.

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