<The Afterparty> #1 Horde Guild LFM Exceptional Players

Come join the server first horde progression guild on Ashkandi! The Afterparty is a true vanilla experience - formed from the top Horde players that Ashkandi had to offer in the first month of Classic, we quickly rose to to the top and have been there ever since.

Some of our accomplishments:

  • Horde first Ashkandi Ragnaros kill
  • Horde first Ashkandi Onyxia kill
  • Horde first Ashkandi Hand of Ragnaros
  • Horde first Ashkandi BWL clear
  • 30 minute MC Speed Clear - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/648458753
  • 33 minute BWL Speed Clear - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/649360694
  • #25 US Horde Progression
  • #70 US Overall Progression
  • 3 raid teams easily clearing all content.
  • Server first horde AQ clear.

We log every raid and we’re proud of our players parses. Want to see how we stack up? Look for “The Afterparty”, US-Ashkandi, on Warcraftlogs.

We have 3 raid teams. Each group raids 2 days per week. Collectively, we have 40 man raids running 6 days per week, Mon-Sat, and 20 man guild PUGs on Sunday! We’re also very alt friendly. Want a home for all 3 of your level 60 toons that you want to raid with? This is the guild for you.

Our raid times and recruitment needs can be found below. Even if recruitment for your class is closed, we encourage you to reach out if you are an exceptional player. We’re always willing to rotate good players in.

-------------------Mon/Weds Raid---------------------
Raid Times (Mon/Weds) EST:
Mon: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Weds: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Mon/Weds Recruitment:
Tanks - Closed
Fury warriors - Exceptional players only
Rogues - Closed - Exceptional players considered
Hunters - Open (2 spots)
Mages - Open (2 spots)
Warlocks - Open (2 spots)
Druids - Closed
Shamans - Exceptional Players only
Holy Priests - Open (1 spot)
Mon/Wed Discord Contact: Rixii#1904

-------------------Tues/Thurs Raid---------------------
Raid Times (Tues/Thurs) EST:
Tues: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Thurs: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Tues/Thurs Recruitment:
Rogue - Open
DPS Warrior - Open
Resto Shaman - Closed
Mage - Closed
Tank Warrior - Closed
Druid - Closed
Warlock - Open
Hunter - Closed
Holy Priest - Closed
Tues/Thurs Discord Contact: Imtar#8307

-------------------Fri/Sat Raid---------------------
Raid Times (Fri/Sat) EST:
Fri: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Sat: 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Fri/Sat Recruitment:
Rogue - Open
DPS Warrior - Open
Resto Shaman - Open
Mage - Closed
Tank Warrior - Closed
Druid - Closed
Warlock - Closed
Hunter - Closed
Priest - 1 spot open
Fri/Sat Discord Contact: Wanderer#9916

A little more about us:

Off night Guild "PUGs"
There’s a lot of content to raid in Classic WoW right now. Almost everyone still needs gear out of AQ40 and BWL, and many still need select pieces from MC, AQ20, and even ZG. We are only enforcing the requirement to clear AQ40 and BWL right now for all of our raid groups. Everything else is handled in pickup groups that happen throughout the week. If you still want to raid AQ20 and ZG, you can absolutely find full guild pugs nearly every day of the week for them. We also run a GDKP MC that brings in lots of gold for the guild bank and a decent amount for raiders (usually 150-300g per person for an hour of work, thought it does depend on drops) as well as a soft reserve MC that we do primarily for bindings. You can raid this “extra” content as much or as little as you like.

Loot System
Loot is an important and often contentious part of raiding. Our goals for loot distribution during raid are as follows:

  1. Reward the players that are the most deserving. Consistent attendance and great performance are both vital to a healthy raid. We want to make sure that both of these are rewarded.
  2. Distribute loot evenly so that no one feels left out.
  3. Give players the freedom to determine what pieces of gear are important to them.
  4. Ensure that gear is going to the classes / specs that benefit the most from it, and give maximum benefit to the raid as a whole.
  5. Distribute loot quickly, consistently, and without headaches.

To reach these goals, we use an EPGP (Effort Point / Gear Points) system that also takes into account player rank and performance.

Player ranks are as follows:
Core Raider - The backbone of our guild. The requirements for Core Raider are minimum 3 weeks at Raider rank and a median 70% ilvl parse during that time. Core Raiders are expected to maintain at least 85% attendance rate (I.E., you can miss one raid per 4 weeks).
Raider - The requirements for Raider are a minimum of 1 full raid week completed with the guild to demonstrate basic class / game knowledge and raid mechanic familiarity. During your 3 weeks at Raider rank, our class leads will work with you to make sure that you are doing everything you can to push your performance to the max. We’ve turned many mediocre players into 99% parsing dps / threat / healing machines! We’re here to help. Raiders are required to maintain 50% minimum attendance rate.
Trial - Basic rank for prospective new recruits after being invited to the guild and approved for raiding.

To set up an interview / trial, please contact us on Discord:
Imtar#8307 (Tues/Thurs)
Rixii#1904 (Mon/Weds)
Wanderer#9916 (Fri/Sat)

We look forward to seeing you at The Afterparty!

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Happy to see the new recruits joining us for content clearing and pvp raids !

Ragnaros down! Great job last night to everyone on a clean, easy Rag kill. Still looking for more resto shamans, rogues, and a resto druid

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High Five!

We are actively looking for skilled dedicated players to join our raid groups. If you think you have what it takes get ahold of us!

Looking for top tier mages, dps warriors (who aren’t afraid to tank when necessary), rogues, and resto shamans!

Please apply with anyone. Looks good Dura.

Still looking, if you’re interested feel free to apply.

We’re still recruiting! If you’re interested please apply!

Still looking for a resto shaman or two, rogues, and any high parsing dps!

Always looking to improve, message any officer in game.

Just getting back into WoW with Classic! Started a Warrior but I have been playing a Shaman as well. I am interested in raiding on the weekends with y’all. Do you have member ranks for new players while they lvl up and get raid ready?

Sorry for the late reply Helmes, we unfortunately just don’t have room in guild (maximum of 500 players) for new / leveling players unless they are sponsored by one of our core raiders as Friends and Family rank. As of right now we are recruiting for our 3rd raid group and we have been having to cut players who have been inactive more and more, so we’re only taking on active 60s who are ready to step into raiding, or those directly sponsored by a Core Raider.

Really interested in getting back into raiding on my hunter. Could you let me know if you guys still have any open spots for the Weekday raiding?

Hi Zeroshot, thanks for the interest! At this time any hunters for weekend would be a bench spot. Doesn’t mean you won’t get to raid, but for AQ we only run 2-3 hunters, and have 4 in guild for weekend. Two of them would be more than happy to sit out for MC and one might even sit for BWL (if I ever let him - good pulling hunters are hard to find / train). AQ would likely be a rotating spot though.

I was asking about the two weekday raid teams but if those are also full then I will keep looking thanks!

Recruitment needs updated. Weekend team is clearing AQ40+BWL in a single 3 hour raid night. The other groups are not far behind. Soon we’ll be back to only 1 required raid night per group per week.

Spoiler alert. Durabull was correct. We do 1 night clears.