The 2.5.3 PTR is up for testing

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

We’ll update you again on our next closure time, which has yet to be determined.

Any chance of clarification on the removal of the Haste gem recipes from Scale of the Sands vendor (but not the PTR Gem NPC).


Season 3 Gear is half current season cost and has no restrictions.
Season 2 Gear is selling for Honor.
Season 1 Gear is Selling for very low honor amounts 3-5k Honor per piece.

Season 3 Gear Vendors are missing rings.

Intended? Bugs? let us know Blizzard… :slight_smile:

Just saying, our patience and understanding wouldn’t be required if you determined up front, and then communicated to us, when the test realm would be coming up and when it would be closing.

That being said, thank you for bringing it back up.

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Take the ptr down, Blizzard should do their own testing. At a min do the PTR like you did naxx w/ a very limited window, or once you zone into an instance your group can only kill 2 bosses. Now ppl will just farm the ptr for practice just like they did w/ SSC/TK.

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How long though?

Is the Scale of the Sands Timeless Arrow & Violet Eye Mysterious Arrow supposed to be on vendors already? I thought those didn’t hit until Zul’Aman.

Soooooooooo… what’s the update?


Again, our patience and understanding wouldn’t be needed if we didn’t find out at 8:15 PM ET on Monday 1/10/2022 that the test is over because the Test Realms are down.

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I like how it went from 15min to 5


Is the PTR down for good or coming back up???

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Why do we not learn on the communication front?

Small indie company guys, not enough employees to have actual communication with paying customers that are testing their product. Just gotta trust and hope for the best these days.

Fangs for lettuce nose, Lizard.

Blizzard, you said you would warn us when PTR is going down, where is the tranparency.

you guys literally cant even live up to your own word… #canttrustblizz

Why have people with scheduled PTR on Monday keep getting affected by T6 PTR downtime?

I don’t understand and there should be transparency regarding this window of time. Furthermore, the person/GM making the server announcement also failed to post the proper window of time for shutdown.



“We’ll update you again on our next closure time, which has yet to be determined.”
Well that was a lie. It’s down with no warning or update. PS where do I apply to be a community manager you’re job is so sick. Just roll out of bed and post an update about whatever just happened an hour ago and bam.


I guess its now thanks for the update

At this point its almost impressive.