The 119 <The One One Nine> is Recruiting

What is The 119? Well, that’s quite simple. It’s a vibe, an energy, a philosophy. It’s love, understanding, progression, unity, the collective consciousness, truth, friendships, bonds, growth. It’s the duality of life as it once was a curse but is now a blessing. Ying and Yang, balance.

We are also a collective of super epic gamers who would like for you to join us! Whether you are leveling or raid ready, all are welcome. We are hoping to fill in our Kara roster and further recruit for phase 2. We have a druid healer, hunter, and mage ready to raid and our paladin is only one level of from being ready as well. All classes accepted, as long as you are ready to have a good time and try your best. We aren’t going to be a super elitist guild, although we will be striving to do our best on parses and clearing in general.

Thanks for your time and look forward to gaming with some of you ^-^