Thats it? what happened?

3 and a half hour maintance? what was the fix?
was hoping for faction/race changes atleast. bummer.


you get NOTHING!




:rofl: I love this game.

Do you think they will say anything at all? :rofl:


prob not lol. they kicked us off to make us go vote during the morning.


Mother******* STOLE fizzy lifting drinks!

Rumored that they banned all the low lvl DK bots, but still an overview of what was done would be nice.

RDF of course

umm i still see like 15 in this av so i doubt thats true

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They’re still there :^)

Was just rumored, but good luck finding the real source. Blind eye blizzard can’t find the time of day to tell us.

In the past you could see alot of QQ threads on other forums after a big ban wave went out. Was always the sob stories of how somebody wasn’t botting and lost everything, etc.

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Oh it was for important stuff!

Oh yeah. No more invalidated logs for Saph?

Nothing my dear boy, nothing.

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Okay, this is some serious garbage, right here!

(I’m kidding. I can’t remember if that’s how wrath was originally and don’t imagine this is a really big deal if it wasn’t).

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