That's gotta be a bot, right?

You see someone smacking a mining node, only a bot would come down and try to take it while you’re looting it, yeah? They failed to get the nodes, as it happened a few times.

Why are nodes not tapped to you if you hit it first? Is trying to snag a piece or two off a node the new meta and I missed the memo? I always thought it was bad manners.

I miss when I had auto loot off and would watch people sit at the node waiting.

It’s bad manner and on top of that less profit for the one trying to snatch yours as they could just keep flying and get the next ones out of your reach… but people being weird

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Sometimes it’s latency. They don’t see you there, but they see the node.

And it’s exactly those who will undercut by over 40% and think they are smart business people :slight_smile: