Thanks for annoying m+ Affixes

This week is really anti tank. Gonna do my key I have one time time it or don’t and write this week off.


I think this is the first expac I flat out haven’t done a single M+. I just can’t be bothered to care anymore. It’s garbage. Don’t get me wrong BFA was garbage but it was like going dumpster diving and every once in a while you find something useful.

SL M+ is just flat out garbage, the kind that makes you reel back when you smell it but you have to at least look at it because you need to make sure it’s not a corpse you’re smelling.


Oh boy, it’s that time again, the weekly affix thread!



Not a good week for mythic+. Not annoying but time consuming

Why did you put this song in my head?

It’s also anti healer. Just a huge garbage week.


Im ok with no vault next week I’ll be honest

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I mean, not I, but not going for multiple slots this week lol.

Yeah every week is a new complaint, but seriously this week’s affixes are a ridiculous combo that should not exist. Why is one week 10 times harder than the previous few? Makes no sense


This week is honestly pretty chill

Long boss fights and small packs…gonna be a great week

Aren’t affixes FUNNNNNNN?

Don’t you love having weeks where both the bosses and the trash are buffed? Throw another affix to really punish the tank and healer and you’re set for a lovely week!


If you don’t like the affixes, don’t do m+, pretty simple.

Semper Fi! :us:

Fairly positive the OP is irritated with this week’s combination, whereas your response is implies the OP is being broad when they’re not.

Pretty much what everyone I know is doing this week.

How is that a good game design though? Blizzard wants people to play the game, not take the week off

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It was meant to be sarcastic I got my key in and that was hell. It’s gonna be alt week I got a mage that’s 42 that I’ve been lazy with lol

Yeah and the fact Blizzard seems to be ok with “push weeks” and “bench weeks” just shows how stupid the M+ scene is.


At least I have one piece of gear waiting for me. I have to do it on my dk now

Not going to bother with alts that much this xpac - alts feel terrible so far.