Thanks for a good first week!

The first week of testing of the Season of Mastery Beta is now behind us, and we’re thankful for everyone who hopped onto the Beta realm and leveled and submitted bug reports.

We’re currently planning to do maintenance on the Beta tomorrow (October 13), and at that time, we’ll update it with a new build and settings that give us more to test. We’ll post an update to the development notes with all the details at that time.

Again, thank you very much!


Thank you. We are all rooting for success of SoM and the many future seasons to come.


Crossing my fingers that my 31 toon can log back in again tomorrow.

Edit: Never mind, of course it wouldn’t get fixed. I forgot where I am.

Thanks Antivax,

Don’t forget to add Achievements.

Looking forward to the update today!!!


I’m following closely. I really wanna get hooked again.

What was amazing was the three hour long PVP yesterday at cross roads. What is also going to be amazing is this kind of stuff happening at 60 because everyone is not raid logged saving world buffs. Going to be so nice having people actually play the game again. Heck, we might even have tanks to run dungeons.


Can’t wait for SoM :two_hearts:

Nope, Im still 31… RIP

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Interesting there’s no mention of the bug allowing characters to level beyond 30 in dungeons yet. Classic!


Thanks Blizz for holding a open beta. It’s been fun leveling and seeing so many people in the world. Looking forward to the next stage and seeing what additional changes you have in store.


This “fresh” beta has been awesome. Fresh Classic is my favorite game :>

31 Gnome Mage - Icefrog


I think they meant to raise the level cap to 40 instead of increasing quest exp by 40% :wink:


I thought it went fairly well, here are my observations (sans D/C issues):

  • Leveling was definitely a bit faster. I liked how quest experience made quests more meaningful and important in the calculus of play. It also reduced the need for zone-hopping a bit which is good.

  • Mobs do appear to rez more quickly… sometimes too quickly though particularly in areas with low player populations. I’m finding myself getting cut-off to the rear a little too quickly at times.

  • Pacing of the bank gold balance seems good.

  • Gearing for DM and SM library works quite well. I’ve run DM as a warlock and as a priest, and SM lib as a warlock. SM lib was a bit too easy I thought, but DM seems straight-forward with a competent (but not necessarily over-geared) group.

My recommendations so far:

  • Increase quest limit from 20 to 25.

  • Return Hogger to level 16.

  • Reduce mob respawn rate when fewer players are in an area.

One final observation is that the level 30 cap had some interesting knock-on effects. Not only did it allow slightly slower players to catch-up, but it made the low level dungeons more interesting and meaningful with regards to gear acquisition and it limited the ILVL of the gear you could buy on the AH. I thought it made the game more fun to play actually. It might be interesting to entertain a rising level cap sequence at start (e.g. like cap to 30 for two weeks, then 40 for one week, then 50 for one week, then finally 60). Though I’m sure other players will scream at something like that.

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Curious why you want this change?

Make it an epic fight again, as it should be :slight_smile:

Lol maybe it’s just me but it’s still a darn hard fight at level 12

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Hello? It’s almost quitting time for you guys and nothing has been announced yet? Is anyone there?


where is the update? i got the DL


there was an update for the beta classic mastery why are servers still offline?