Thanks devs, great notes

The quick adjustments, the great communication, etc. For all the criticism done around these parts, I think theres value in recognizing when balance is done just right.

Great job, game is fun and DF is really shaping up to be a good one.


balanced? how about sub rouge. no dmg nerf? no cc reduction?



is it enough? who knows!!!

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not enough at all. what makes sub broken is they have 3 shadow dances each heals 30% and gives 30% dmg buff on top of their dmg buff from attacking from stealth, which they get everytime with 2 vanish with more cdr.
nerfing 1 dmg buff for 20% is absolutely not enough. cant wait to see people cry after getting ganked

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They nerfed some healing thank god still not enough.

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absolutely not enough. need to take away dance 30% dmg buff completely, or take away stealth dmg buff, or take 1 vanish away. cant have it all.

i’d rather blizz do consistent baby steps rather than absolute sledgehammer hits. i dont like what they did to dk, but they’re treating everything else more carefully.

Hitting Fury with nerfs to the heals was a good step, but blizzard might inadvertently kill the spec in PvP with the slaughterhouse nerfs. Good decision to make it take longer to reach max stacks for the MS, but with it not refreshing I feel like this talent is de-facto dead, since its entire practicality came from the stacks refreshing with rampage.

They needed the healing done by soothing darkness by 50% lol they pretty much gutted it. Stop complaining

My prediction WW monks will be next…

I’m fine on my Fury, rogue or lock but my hunter and Ret get deleted…

All my tunes are 411 WW with CDs 100-0 in 3 seconds… The combat logs shows 90% of the damage lands in 2 seconds if I pressed a ability I get GCD locked and can’t even bubble/turtle in time.

My Ret with wings is jealous of the burst.

WW burst will be an issue.

stop complaining?rouges should have 0 healing. they already have vial and 2 vanishes with gcd which is better than bubble. they 1 shot with their dance 30% buff and stealth buff, also have the craziest cc chains. i will keep posting till they are where they should be

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u are talking about sub rouge. ww is nothing compared to sub rouge