Thanks Blizzard for Reaping! (Positive feedback)


Finally a chance for Mass Grip, Grip of the Dead and Bonestorm to shine in M+. ABOUT DAMN TIME I SAY! :smiley:



(Hateful) #3



The MEME is strong with this one! :smiley:


We definitely needed more trash in the dungeons. More trash =more fun right?
I have a great idea for the next affix. You get to the end and an NPC comes out and laughs at you after perma-stunning the group. Then you get sent back to the start of the dungeon and all the trash respawns. They could call it “Teadious”.


Holy crap Storm, that had me LOL’ing! :smiley:


what a great affix, bring a boomkin (or two) to every 10+ run and you win

feral druids you can go sit outside the instance portal instead